Dream to buy an apartment

To buy a house in a dream means that you are waiting for significant changes in life. Can count on the fact that your plans are carried out, it can also apply to new business, occupation, new project or business. The plot of the dream will determine what will be the change. If the new apartment you bought a beautiful, her good, solid furniture, you can be sure that changes for the better, you will profit, prosperity, success.

If you bought apartment on high floor – public status, new status, well – being- all will come to you with these changes. If the apartment is in a luxury house, a special place , for example, it can be an expensive area, quarter, and so on, your status in life in connection with the change will be exceptional in relation to other people.

Bad, if the house is poor, walls and ceilings in poor condition. A very bad sign, if anything with a roof, Windows or doors. For example, they are broken, the opened someone, flowing and so on. Try to change the projection of the future.


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