Dream wounded

Wounds in dreams often mean that in real life against you, someone speaks, acts, tries to make you do things you do not want. That is, goes against your will. Because the weapons, which inflict the wound is additional characters, in any case, denoting the ability to resist you and personal characteristics of people in certain circumstances, still the weapon is a direct reference to the use of force, pressure one way or the other against you.

Further, the subjects of these dreams that was the result of your injuries and how you yourself in the dream it was disturbed or even horrified.


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So, if you are hurt and the wound itself is not, or you don’t pay attention to it because of its insignificance, in reality it will mean that you are most worried about is that you do not leave you vulnerable to enemies and open, not protected against attack, criticism, feel you can at any time to betray, deceive, throw. Even if in this dream you begin to analyze the incident and included the logic: you think this wound is fatal. The difference in the consequences in reality after such a dream is: to think or to be afraid of what the consequences would be is one thing, but to dream that they came (and what they are) is another. Similarly, in life you will then know that you can step difficult or disadvantageous to you the circumstances, and still they come.

If the wound is serious, especially bad if it’s bleeding or it starts to rot, then you expect a serious problem, betrayal or treason, especially if a wound in the back. Bad if you’re in a dream lost power, consciousness, dropped or even felt like dying. This means that the consequences of trouble or opposition will be more than negative. The danger, the possibility of loss of status, health, work, life, property, — looking where he was wounded. Parts of the body see the dream of Magicom separately by symbols.

Wounds inflicted by firearms — sign counter people or people who aren’t close to you, are not included in the circle of friends and are not friends, relatives. So is it a direct indication of the nature of the action — from afar, that is most likely will not talk with face to face or face to face.

Friends, relatives, or close friends are usually hurt from a close distance, even with improvised tools: knives, axes, metallic objects or your hands.

As a separate aspect of the symbol consider the fact that all manual knives — this means an individual, there’s a conflict between people is personal: an eye for an eye. For example, if you dream you are the exception you see two people attacking one with a knife — this will indicate that each of the two was a personal dislike and a reason for aggression.

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