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Before you lose a child (during pregnancy), I had a big stork that I was propositioned (in the dream I felt the pain from his bite).

A stork in a dream. Interpretation. AIST – news of the conception and birth of a boy, as a rule, dream parents. If the dream is threatening — possible problems with the pregnancy warning. If you see in a dream two storks in the nest, then you have a happy life together with the loved one. Couple of storks in the sky — a sign of a happy Union of marriage. Storks in the sky — your children will grow up decent people and will take care of you until old age. Also see: bird, nest, egg, Heron.


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Stork in the nest harbinger of a happy and prosperous family life.

With such a vision in a dream, you can know the future sex of the child, to understand who will be born a boy or a girl.

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