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I dreamed that a satellite antenna near the window sat a large black crow cawed, and a couple of times. In my hands was a large wooden stick, I flew up and with all his might at it. Itog- raven corpse. Fell.

How come true dream:

Mom called the evening from her grandmother and said that Grandma stroke and they are afraid that until the morning she would not survive. Remembering that I made with sheep, I decided to endure the night, and by morning it will be visible. The result — a grandmother survived the night and day. Thank God is still with us.

Analysis of the characters:

Crow at Dream Book, indeed, herald of bad events, usually related to loved ones, family. And kill the raven, to see her dead, as in this example, means that the party will take the trouble that happened in reality.

See in the Dream book about the character of the Raven.

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