Dreams come true dreams in sleep crash

avaria vo sne


Had a terrible dream that I had an accident and hung over the precipice, but got out of the car, and then the story is this: come to me, my grandmother and sister, and they say, allegedly My stepmother passed that I had cancer, I said that this I can not be feeling after sleep were disturbing …

How come true dream:

During the next week, then sleep for three days I have had a variety of unforeseen trouble, accident nearly happened, the taxi driver emptied out, and the next day I received a message on the death of a friend of our family and another classmate.

Analysis of the characters:

The accident — this unexpected situation, the unexpected, and does not depend on us. Hanging over the precipice — the same idiom that and be on the brink of destruction, that there is an urgent situation, it is extremely dangerous. By type of vehicle, you can determine exactly what concerns the threat if it is a personal computer on which you’re driving all the time, it may mean a threat to life if the working — that work if someone else — will suffer because of the actions of other people. Very, very good sign to get out of the car and not to fall into the abyss, it means that you can avoid the risk of collapse, loss. As a rule, it becomes clear that things will begin to happen, that’s what you saw in a dream, is not to be confused with anything. Almost all of the dream in which there is fear of the disease of cancer — this is a very strong fear, fear for their lives. What the news reports some of the family, it means that most likely your family will think you are doomed.

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