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Dream come true about the runes

Dreamed a dream in the morning, was fulfilled on the same day, at the time I was engaged in the study of runes, I worked with them.

Song: Rune dreamed Hagalaz recorded even two or three times in a row, close-up.

Hagalaz — if briefly and in general terms, it is the rune associated with the natural forces of destruction, rupture energies of the elements. When mass disasters, floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, abrupt and large bursts of energy similar to the energy of the runes.

How come true dream:

That same morning there was a strong thunderstorm, heavy rain, we have a house in one place is leaking roof, and short-circuited the wiring, fire broke out, at first slightly, somewhere something under the roof slowly smoldered noticed it when had already begun to bring down the smoke … in general, it is already extinguished the fire, everything worked, but the roof had to be repaired seriously …

Analysis of the characters:

I think that most of these dreams, when there is a runic sign, or writing of the runes can see people who are in some way familiar with this system. Since the runes — and so it is a certain system of symbols, it should be interpreted, considering the current value dreamed runes. Now easy to find information about the meaning of each rune alone or runic records consisting of several runes.

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