Dreams come true Dreams numbers and dates in a dream

числа во сне

Report 1. The numerical value of the year as an indication of the stages in the course of life


When I came to college, I was worried about revenue, and one night I had a dream: I see a mountain of ice, which cut through the steps, and these steps are carved dates: 1995, 1998, 2003 and even some year two thousand.

How come true dream:

In the 95th year I came, but not entered in the 98th arrived, in 2003, graduated, and then enrolled in graduate school. So the dream coincided hair’s breadth …

2. Date of delivery report as a symbol of the time interval resolution of problems


I had a dream in the spring. I sleep all care about one pregnant girl. She knew exactly her term. When she woke up, once she estimated that she would have to give birth. And looked at the calendar this number.

How come true:

Subsequently, after 4 months, it appeared that the day I decided to an old problem. I get rid of the burden. And in general, if you buy something and I see a number or numbers in general are in a dream — it’s either the number of days with me, or direct date.

Report 3. Approval of the exact time as an indication of important dates


There was a fragment of a dream, I came to the foreign language courses, I am on the first introductory lesson and discuss with the teacher, when will the next, and how many, the issue was discussed very carefully, I even dream to pretend to be and wondered, correspond to my time or not and even repeated, «So, two days, 13 hours and 14 days» and added that since I do not work, it’s time for me is very suitable …

How come true dream:

This dream occurred on November 6 and the following week, on 13 and 14 November, I received a very unexpected and very important information for themselves, and it is parts of the 13-something, and then another part — on the 14th, so it matched the reference to «two days in a row «and on the 13th and 14th number … and what I currently do not work, I played here at hand, the information was so stunning that I simply» unsettled «for a few days …

Analysis of the characters:

The numbers in the dream do not come just like that, especially if your attention is pointed at them.

The appearance of the numbers in a dream can be the answer to the burning question as the report about the stages of life, an indication of a time period as the report from the counted term of pregnancy, or «agreement», the purpose of receipt of some important information, such as in a report about the current time employment …

In any case, the numbers are always indicate something important, most often it is an indication associated with the time — numeric date values, months, years, days, months, etc …

Discussion of these characters in the subject line What if you remove the numbers and dates.

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