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Report 1. Red Dress as a reflection of the nature of love relationships

I had such a dream that showed not the future, as it were, in retrospect reflect events from the past, and so it was even clearer that it reflects the character of sleep, because the event has already occurred.


I’m in school, I need to go back to the classroom to pick up some of his things … a few rows of desks, they are a pile of beautiful evening dresses, I go and start looking for her, I remember that it was red … I come across kakoe- the red dress, very expensive, embroidered with stones, but the fabric … it’s like a double-based, top translucent red, and the bottom as black velvet, so it looks like a red with black tint, and stones are the same reddish-black, I hold this dress in your hands, and I think what it is expensive and beautiful, but because it’s not mine … while standing next to a friend of a man, with him two or three smart women (and like this dress belongs to one of them), he silently watching my choice … and I took this momentary confusion, I save it dorogushchee dress and saying another, my something, though easier of course, but it does not exactly take … retrieves finally her red dress, it is pure light red, simple cut without stones, from smooth fabric, I take it and go …

Like a dream come true (in this case, what events are reflected)

Was life situation, when one quite influential man (he was in the dream!) Asked me to be his mistress (he was married), and even though he said that his wife they were each on its own, though, and offered assistance in his career, and so I had time to give up and cease all communication with him … I knew already then, mistresses, he had a few …

Analysis of the characters:

Red dress — a symbol of personal life, love sphere, sensual relationship, passion, and by the way, looks like the dress, we can determine what the situation is with this sphere, everything is «pure and smooth» or have some sort of «double «the bottom, with black …

In this case, these two red dress reflected the situation of choice in the area of ​​love relationships — whether tempted to expensive, elegant, but with black inside, or to understand that your dress (that you need love) can not chic , but clean bright colors, not black … Also pay attention to the character that the man was not alone, but surrounded by girls (perhaps most of these mistresses, because the dress belonged to one of them).

Report 2. The red dress as a symbol of love, which returns to life


For a long time, long ago, I had a dream in which I saw myself in the amazingly beautiful scarlet dress. Ballroom, long, and went to the man in whom had been some time in love. He was much older — the doctor, and I am his patient. I had a complicated operation operated — it is, and while I tried to come back to life, in love for the ears, even still had that huge difference in age. Before I left the hospital, I had a dream … came up to him, and he gave me a gold ring stretches.

Like a dream come true and analysis of characters:
Here at first sight, and wanted to come up with yourself — everything! Getting married! And no. I came out of the hospital, go to the park, spring, and so good at heart. Not dead, I think, thank God. Crossing the threshold of the hospital and immediately forgotten it, and the ring that he gave me — was my integrity (just like Castaneda), and he returned it to me. Now, I always think, let all the doctors will be beautiful to be able to fall in love, forget about fear, want to live and get well very quickly! And go home safe and sound.

Red dress here, still — a symbol of feelings and love, the love of a man who saves lives — «return the ring — integrity,» in this case is genuine and warm feeling was necessary to overcome the fear of death and desperation back desire live thirst for life!

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