Exam in the dream

Exam – assessment of your performance. The stage in life when you get the result of your efforts. The end of the period of life typically associated with difficulties, when viewed as the limit is defined up.

Go to the exam and remember that you are not ready, the feelings of inadequacy in certain conditions. Concern that something is missed.

Not to take exams – some challenge of your life: relationships with people, making choices or decisions, not defined by you until the end. No outcome and is likely to be the situation in the future where will have to solve these issues. This only applies to you. Exam is something purely personal. You can understand that it is not resolved by the context of the dream, comparing it with the recent events of your life.

Those who are actually currently exams is a reflection of your excitement about this. If the dream was good and the result is satisfactory for you, the plot of dream is nothing to worry about. If you dream that you can’t get or finish the exam before the end – most of all – the excitement about it. If you’ve seen the mark – often on the reports of dreams – this is it. To find out for sure — make a dream. Also see: school.


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