Ghosts in dreams

I once in the beginning of the website I saw information about a white woman. One of the participants told me that he had seen in his childhood a strange woman. The fact that as a child, I also had this experience. And it wasn’t a dream. I tried to find the answer to life what it was, and then I saw on the website.
I was about 3 years. Often came to sleep to my parents, lay between them. Nearby stood a crib with his younger brother. I just remember the atmosphere of the room. Mom wondered, as I so well remembered. That night I also was lying between them. The window the Moon is shining very brightly. Its light fell on the mirror. I woke up and saw in the mirror opposite, a tall white woman. She was wearing a long cloak, dress, and on the face of the hood. It was all in white. And person is the same. The feeling of horror that I remember. The move could not. I was really scared. I think she even raised her face and looked at me. And beside the bed stood two dwarves. They watched over me.
It has something to do with groups of souls? But why was I so scared?
I don’t like mirrors in the bedrooms and not look at them at night.

The answer

From what I know about such cases, I can say that children see not only someone from the group shower. They do have a lot to see. The full moon things could happen. For example, in my life, much is the full moon happened or occurred. But I was born exactly on a full moon. Know that excess effects may be exerted on the nervous system and it is difficult to handle, but this does not mean that all recognized or seen should be ignored. Little people (dwarves in our sense), elves, as we used to call them, «non-standard» in our perception of people — all the inhabitants of the nearby phases. They are just like us in the physical world is hard to cross. For them it is an intolerable phase. But there are passages due to such phenomena as the full moon. Fear is a normal reaction. I think when you wrote about the emotions felt that I attribute it to interpretation, like dreams. This is a little something. Vision different from the mental phase of sleep. Visions from the astral plane. I too, when I see not people — includes logic, you know that something is not right, it causes vibration and is perceived as fear, terror or nightmare. I begin to align the energy, breathe deeply.
Another question: is this phenomenon a harbinger of anything?
Answer. Harbingers (signs, unusual phenomena), in any manner, directly, indirectly «point» to something. Can through look to try to convey information or emotion, if there is no verbal contact or such contact cannot be established from the phase of the object.


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