How to recall a dream?

No lucid dreaming practice is possible, if one cannot recall the dream upon waking? Everybody faces this problem every once in a while. So it’s good to clarify a number of factors.

Statistically, a healthy person’s dreambegins with:

— the first stage of slow wave sleep, which lasts 5-10 minutes,

— then comes the second stage, which lasts about 20 minutes,

— then 30-45 minutes cover the period of the third and forth stages.

Lucid dreaming occurs in the fifth stage. This is the stage of the REM sleep.

Dreams are dreamt during the 3rd, 4th and 5th stages. The 3rd and 4th stages are the heavy sleep. The 5th stage includes dreaming in the astral and mental planes. During this period, the electrical activity of the brain is similar to the waking state. It lasts about 15 — 20 minutes.

This is a full cycle.


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