How to win the lottery

How can I find the right combination of numbers and digits if no friends among the «psychics with phenomenal abilities? It is better to admit to yourself that no one else you would not say the cherished number. The person concerned wins is you, so do everything you. And choose here only two options: the first is to rely entirely on the case, the second dip in the information field, which records the events of the future are the «here and now». The question is, how close are you friends with your subconscious mind and how to interpret the information received in altered States of consciousness.

In the archives of the project is the installation key for the perception of such information in a dream. Called «MAGIC NUMBERS», you can use it, you can order a personal affirmation HERE. If you see dreams, tune in this way, others do not know.

The archive of reports have dreams in which clearly saw a sequence of numbers. However, not all knew that this combination of winning. One woman saw the ticket at the box office, saw the same as in the dream, but never bought it, then remembered when he learned about winning. There were those who simply ignored the dream with numbers when trying to guess the number of wins. Many dreams of this kind are hints of dead relatives, which clearly pointed out what to do. But this is one of the few categories of dreams. Of course this seems very rare, if you do not work hard.

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If you don’t mind, I think we should make a separate topic lucid dreams about figures, numbers and dates. According to the analysis report, all symbols seen in dreams (but in most cases, just didn’t know what the background of these dreams, bright colors, the feeling of joy, euphoria, perhaps on a hunch). Or a series of lotteries that is worth buying (there is a chance of winning). A few «stable» rules can tell at a glance. Its series or combination only sees the person who it is intended, that is another person you will not see the number. Second, the number of possible «to catch», that is put on the control to see, in advance, for a day or two before a game (despite what the lottery). This can be done with affirmations — «transfer in the future. Events on control» — it is in the book, and the book you have. Third. If a combination of digits is large (long number, so to speak), the numbers were hard to see, they begin to blur, therefore, it is necessary to enter your legend of any items, things, what you want. Symbols and signs are not blurred, they just are in the field of perception, and all. They are «sustainable» in this sense (also with respect to time, in dreams, the picture goes off, if I stare at one point, everybody knows that, but numbers and letters — they don’t just move out, and begin to transform, and it is clear that turn into other characters or symbols, and the meaning of this). Training you can start with something simple and be sure to keep track of (better record), as your subconscious gives you this information. All perception may be different because of the personal qualities of the man himself.
In addition, most people want to know dates and numbers not only for the lottery.
Many practitioners use such OS its capabilities for obtaining information in the economic sphere. We have a «state and territory» dreams Vlad. He is a professional economist, of course, no one knows in his circle of the world «looks». I will take this comment in Blogs. Move there. The more analysis of dreams of this subject, the faster you will be able to understand the principles of perception of information in digital form. I mean, in altered States of consciousness.

A separate series of dreams is coming important in a person’s life dates.


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