It is this sphere that contains all records, all information…

It is this sphere that contains all records, all information. However the terms change overtime, it is what we mean from now on, to determine the notions we are talking about.

Then, as far as time is concerned. Our world has the fourth dimension which is time. No high plane has it. Sequence of events is possible, but not their distribution or location with regard of timeline. For example, all events in Akashi Records take place ‘here and now’. Virtually all regression witnesses who managed to go into subconsciousness testify about it, let alone mediums.

Now as for learning future. In case there is no linear sequence of events in time we can consider future learning issue. Is it possible to perceive information which hasn’t happened yet? Hasn’t happened in a certain point of time, but in general and in its essence any event possible to happen exists as an option. Not all of them, but a sequence of some events which in case it or its cause-effect factors are chosen or performed, ‘summons’ the event itself.

As Bulgakov’s character of “The Master and Margarita” said, ‘the brick never merely falls on someone’s head from out of nowhere’.


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