Make a haircut in a dream …

девушка на водопаде

I see myself in the cabin, I went back to work a hairdresser. In front of me working girl, but the administrator he was unhappy, she did not plan. They took me. The first client came in, a young model with a short haircut. Bleached blonde. I looked at her and thought: — I do not know how to cut. Better not do on any. I told her that’s all very well, well, except that, if she wants to, can be a little trim the ends. She did not dub the tips, I was pleased that something has given me up and left. I looked — it was already paid for the voucher at the reception. I went the other client. After a while, I already had a lot of coupons here. All client came with short hair blonde. All looked good. I do not remember that I had someone sheared and as reception was held I do not remember. But coupons given me, and the manager was pleased. And I did not know how it happened, because I can not cut.

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