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Girls, hello! Affirmation made of pink flamingos from 21 to 22 November at the future with a man-create any family, but my message and hung there for moderation, and so want to know your opinion, so I copy here. Dreamed of following items: we are naked, in bed at his home (I do not remember if there was or not). Comes to his parents and his sister into the room and I just hide under the covers. Then he leaves the bed somewhere other room, and I lay there, I take out of my head under the covers and start actively acquainted with his family (in fact, I am with them just do not know). A lot of good talking about myself, I feel that they like me, you feel happy and they. They asked me if I know him since 1997? I say no, since 2002, and we are familiar with for 5 years with him. In fact, we are familiar with 2011. I see they have a cat (which they had now no) Outside of his family and the kind of apartment does not correspond to the reality of the dream everything as if less neat and simple.
Posted by Alena, 23.11.2015 11:59

Golosti In addition, in the bed should be no sheveleniya.Esli perturbations, then — stagnation in the relationship. Well, golost — are any good)) is not a neat apartment-life is not arranged. Parents may be symbols. It must be a guy about the years povyyasnyat .. This is important. Maybe this is the point of reference for something. Cat! Cat poprdrobnee good to describe.

Alain, you his family that in a dream more title. How to look who it said .. figure .. How do they «came» I do not think that someone said, nineteen .. details would be))

Thanks for the answers) Well, you’re right about stagnation, and now we do not talk, and I would like to resume relations. Judging by the emotions, then everything seems to be good, but that he was not present during the conversation, it’s embarrassing.
About a year I do not remember how to say, probably, it is important that 5 years after 5 years, in reality, come summer 16d.

Slightly similar situation I had with the first guy 11-12 years ago. Here it is, probably, and display only now realized. I dream often mix their images: first seeing one, and finally understand that this is the first and so becomes uncomfortable, as if he deliberately breaks my dreams and wants to replace him. What would it mean.

Alain da.5 years. This is significant. Can according to your figures suggest such dates: July 9, February 20 and 20 July. The fact that you had this house-you see his life. And his life has parents and sister. Sister can be a woman in his entourage. Remember it well. And a cat. Whose and what she was. Parents can be a symbol of the mind and emotions. I have my parents, that’s mean. Papa mind, well, what is)) mama female emotions. Not obchschatelno you also. And what color the cat? This determines the character of the person.

Ltd familiar situation of the transformation of one into another, but then I can not help. I for myself do not understand it yet .. ((

yes, he lives with his parents and younger sister away from them, it has long been married, but he is very close to her. In a dream, in a conversation she was not involved. A cat can not remember exactly, was sitting in a corner somewhere, not bright color, maybe even red or light. And remember parents said they Chuvash, which surprised me.

And on dates at all difficult to guess. I have one date coincides with the last event in his life, but I’ve seen written on the card then. But another date heard from him in a dream — our wedding day the number of -29 — a month clear.

9 — February anyhow not 🙂
Yesterday I was scribbling, scribbling an answer phone send categorically did not want to just shut off. Then flew firmware (((
So even copies left. But nothing, I have a month so that the fingers are trained)))))
So. What I absolutely do not like it — is the fact that he was in a dream gone, withdrew this way. And the apartment. If it is in some sense worse than in life — something you do not notice something close your eyes. You want relationships, but everything is so rosy? Some dangerous signs I see, but worth thinking.
Well, yes, it turns out that there is an indication of how the events of 2016.
And further. Think about the other guy, what happened then, why split? If one dreams image flows into another — and then the guys something to be similar. And your subconscious as indicated. These are the thoughts

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