Nothing in the world happens on its own, firstly there…

Nothing in the world happens on its own, firstly there are prerequisites, then there is cause-effect relationship established between events, decision and deeds, but we scarcely notice schemes of event, it always seems to us that everything just happened on its own…

We don’t know it and don’t think over the fact that any smallest event in our ‘heavy’ material world happens only after it ‘gains some weigh’ in the space of varieties in higher planes. In the beginning was the thought…

Everything happening in our world at first has projection in more subtle worlds and at higher planes.

Firstly everything happens there, and only when sequence of events and their implementation in our linear time correspond, it happens in the reality of our physical world. Mental world is always ready to open its curtains. Moreover, it doesn’t really close it any time – it is just that we ignore the visions in our dreams.


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