Prophecies and predictions of the film


Wolf messing was always trying to speak less about the future, especially to prophesy. It is limited to answers to questions, from which because of the circumstances just simply could not avoid. His foresight of the future, especially concerning public, social, social upheaval was recorded in a personal archive. He kept records. First and foremost for myself and second for posterity. His most famous prophecies about the beginning and then the end of the war was known to contemporaries and has reached our days, less well — known mainly through books of the journalists, which at the time met him. The archive after his death was seized and is still kept classified as «top secret».


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Available and the predictions associated with the future, only those relating to the collapse of the USSR. To the seventies of the last century, a prediction was incredible and believable enough: «after 20 years, this country will not even…Russia will become a free country!»

To date no predictions of wolf messing about the future of Russia, no! At least, not yet declassified its files.

If the audience his extraordinary sessions and view asked him about the future of Russia, for example, in the 21st century, and they and possible in our present we found out about it. But all interested in present and near future, which directly relates to the man personally. Would you be interested in future years after 50, which may no longer be if you had the opportunity to talk to the great seer and a time of fellowship would be limited?

As for wolf messing, he believed, were simply convinced that people should not know their future, and to the question: «what will happen?» could not restrain, he said,»Never ask me about it! Never and no one! People can’t know the future.

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