Prophetic dream or lucid dream? What is the difference?

Have you ever thought about it? Prophetic dream cannot take place in a lucid dream, and there can’t be a lucid dream in a so-called prophetic dream, because perceiving yourself in a dream takes actions and great amount of personal energy of a dreamer, as well as total control of attention, while prophetic dreams are an outside view on the event, even if you participate in it.

If you are to get a hint from your subconsciousness, to find an intuitive solution for the situation you have in life, to make a choice or to look beyond the event horizon into you possible future, it is not a lucid dream you need. As soon as you perceive yourself in a dream, you will control every aspect of it and create a world inside a dream, but it will have nothing to do with reality. Moreover, I would say it will be one more illusion which you probably have long time avoided in real life.


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