Prophetic dreams. The future of the Belarusian ruble

Additional stock exchange session with enviable persistence continues to «strengthen» the Belarusian ruble. They say that everything is getting better, but … That was me, «Gone», not like all this.

I have in the bank. With me familiar. He Belarusian, but now lives and works in Kiev. We come to the cashier to exchange. Cute girl takes me a hundred dollar bill, and counts me Belarusian rubles at the rate. This course, which was prior to the devaluation.

While she is busy, my friend takes back a hundred dollars, and instead puts ten. I look at him with surprise and ask him to back a hundred.

-You What? — He is perplexed.

-And If the girl will notice that the bill have changed? Imagine what will happen?

She does not notice anything. The money that she is now you counts for one hundred square meters, is now equivalent to ten dollars.

I’m still looking puzzled. I do not believe him.

-Just, He wants it to be so, but it is impossible!

While I reasoned, she counted Belarusian rubles and finally handed them to me, and she, as if nothing had happened, took ten dollars and put it in the cash register.

I’m perspiring with excitement. She noticed it. She looked at me carefully and, as if reading my mind, she said:

-I Really gave you the money for ten dollars, not a hundred.

(Report number 14-23)

(This is it …?) Fall of the Belarusian ruble

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