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Prophetic dreams and lucid dreaming. Project of oneironauts «Magickum»
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Dream that is pretty much the same thing as life. It’s our live, yet everything in it is revealed uncovered, undisguised. The people are in their images, the events in the schemes, emotions and feelings — in the sounds, colors and odours.

If you have dreams and you remember them, why would you waste any time?

Have a trip to the sea side and take a dip in the clear green water.

If don’t like it green – then make it cobalt blue! Dare you?

Had a great time this summer? Do you remember all the sensations?

Can you feel the tingles in your skin? Or the intoxicating scent of the aromatic herbs melting in the sunlight? Can you feel the way the wine or brandy, martini, whiskey… or let’s think it big, — alcohol it is! — spreads over your body and jangles your nerves?

That’s it! Relax… Just let it go… Recharge the batteries. Live it up!

Well… Shall we? Sure thing!

It’s not that bad as it seems when one takes the hefty books on psychoanalysis with the popular dream books smashing on one’s head. One delves into this dark pit and comes up tired and exhausted regardless of the amount of time spent.

If you and your unconscious need to get to know each other, the psychoanalytic approach will still be no more than the inaccessible abode. And you’ll be left on your own.

Let’s do it our way. What is the most important thing about it? Practicing! We need the practice, which involves various levels of training in altered states of consciousness.

Affirmations of prophetic dreams

«Crossroads of the Worlds» One mystical story …

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