Soul mates

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I’m dreaming about you…

True feeling of true love comes in a dream with incredible reality of consciousness to be around a single loved one — the second half and does not rest until the dream will not disappear and will not melt completely … But we did not let these dreams, do not want to part with those whom they We met, thinking about how to repeat everything in reality or a dream like that again cause. What is really experience the feeling? What connects us to those we met in his dream? How to call such dreams?

A gift of love — selfless, nothing and no one explainable, defies logic or sense, but simply comes as recognition of the truth more than any reason, so all-consuming that any other material assets pale in comparison to him. At least once in life, but everyone has experienced this feeling.

And … I want to repeat again.

The strangest category of dreams — a dream of love, which we all feel very real emotional emotions. Current and absorb us so that waking up, it is impossible to recover. I do not want to let go of … (continued affirmation of sleep and «soul mate» — in the book).

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I will add a «Native soul» here is no corresponding section.
Repeat at 03.09, dreamed of flying. And I was not the only one feeling with someone. We move in space and time, and saw places and events, mostly out of my life, but were unfamiliar to me. As if we got to know so. It was a kind of dialogue, well, we somehow still communicate mentally.
The feeling is very cool. But in real life, we probably do not know. In the dream, I knew that my companion or companion may see any of the events of my life, and I’m the same way. But I felt confidence. In real life, the emotional charge is also reflected in the first place, to some firm belief in a better and in high spirits.
It would be interesting to know how others see their «native soul» ☺

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