Dream interpretation back

Back in a dream — symbolizes the strength of man, his strong-willed character, confidence, determination, ability to defend their interests, to oppose, to achieve the intended. All this, of course, the characteristics of strong and beautiful back in the dream. But there are also nuances.

To stand or be behind someone, to have a protector, patron. Same can be said about the character of «someone’s back to you», such a position relative to the character of the dream means that the person does not care about your problems.


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Another thing, if the plot of the dream you had his back turned, in a sense, turned away. This symbol means that you do not listen, do not hear, do not perceive and has lost interest in you, so communication between people. Often indicates a fracture in the relationship.

If in the dream someone someone on the back, this situation symbolizes an emergency care. Depending on the presence of a feeling of heaviness or awkwardness such a situation, you can judge how that person or character of sleep, who «gave his back».

A Pat on the back — a gesture of calm and harmony with man.

Kiss in the back — a sign of love and care. Protection, patronage and intercession, if kisses strong or weaker depending on the situation, who needs help.

Shot, shot, shot in the back — betrayal.

If back visible wounds or bruises, abrasions, — the dream means that the character of the sleep will have trials, sometimes of deprivation.

Any burden on the back — for difficulties.

Beautiful and strong back of a man in a dream — a symbol of confidence, protection and support in any situation.

Smooth, beautiful, healthy, strong back in a dream — a symbol of prosperity, confidence in the future, secured and peaceful life until old age.

If anyone pushes in the back in a dream, is a sign of hurry, don’t miss your chance, now’s the time!

Dream interpretation cap hat

The hat symbolizes the attitudes and mentality. Can indicate the desire or attempt to protect their ideals, lifestyle, system of values. Also means the manifestation of intention.

Any hats that in my sleep already dressed for the head, indicate the status of the situation, if they are beautiful roads, stress or shock, if in the dream they were flawed. In this case, caps or hats symbolize the attempt or desire to defend, to shelter, to hide his head» because of some problems.


Prophetic dreams and lucid dreaming. Project of oneironauts «Magickum»
Magickum. Prophetic dreams and lucid dreaming. Theory and practice. E-books:
Amazon | XinXii | Smashwords
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Often in these dreams caps ugly,dirty, wet, full of holes and so on. This suggests that because of stress or feelings a person is experiencing negative varying degrees. Depending on the headgear, you can determine the circumstances and reactions to events.

Hats black — stress, and unhappiness. Dirty — usually to the disease, there may be a mental disorder and any neurological pathology. This is a warning dream! So pay attention to your health, if it concerns you or your loved ones. White hat means almost always mental strain, like a white veil. Red hat often leads to an emotional explosion, shock, and if the headpiece is beautiful, it is an extraordinary event, causing a storm of emotions, but it is good for you. If red cap is not anything, then something will take you out of the rut and be upset. The red color of the clothing means high blood pressure. Add to this the aspect of character — the thoughts and the head.

Veils almost always means a change in my personal life. Handkerchiefs ( meaning head scarf)- care of children and family. Hats — a situation of social or public nature.

Fur ( e.g. mink) beautiful sturdy cap for stability and well-being. The more valuable is the fur, the better. Simple knitted beanie mean solution of domestic problems, routine and your thoughts about all of this.

Here’s a rule for a character comes down to understanding that cap in the dream is your own state of mind: calmness, confidence, or, conversely, experiences.

Ushanka means unwillingness to listen to advice and to escape from problems as soon as possible.

Children’s hat often symbolizes marriage, marriage and the replenishment of the family. In her mind, you can define a lot of additional aspects.

With fields wide — unwillingness to keep close, trying to distance themselves, distrust.

To measure, try on, choose hats to the direction of your actions.

The new cap for a new beginning. In her mind you will be able to determine the result of further efforts and perspective.

To buy, to buy beautiful a good cap or hat to patronage and protection.

If you dream you got a nice cap to a happy coincidence in your favor.

To find a cap to assistance and protection in difficult circumstances.

To lose a good headpiece — failures.

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