Dream interpretation alien

Strangers in dreams are indicative for the actions of third parties in relation to you. And rarely — on the events that you will relate, however, such dreams are dreams of a dreamer, that is, people who are prone to dreams, their well-characterized or have developed the skills of active sleep.


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Any you dreamed while dreaming, one way or another carries information. It can be a direct reference to some event or action, or indirectly, to symbolize about events similar to the past or human nature. The determining factors in deciphering dreams will have the following characteristics:

If this is familiar to you, then the dream will directly touch them or you and these people. If people are unfamiliar, it is likely that the circumstances seen you in a dream you are still unknown and the actors — as yet unknown.

Someone’s house can dream means receiving news, news about the owners of the house, if you’re familiar with them. If in the dream someone’s house belongs to strangers, then all that will happen to you in a dream in this house, will indicate possible changes in your life soon and their consequences.

The house of the enemy: if you are passive in your sleep, you are thus in the dream you see the state of his Affairs, you can consider peeping at his life). If the enemy you’re doing, come into contact with characters in a dream – a repetition of the experience acquired as a result of your relationship in varying degrees.

To be in a closed house or room – a desperate situation, a long hard period of life. Try to change the projection of the future.

Stranger in the house — emergency situation.

Burning someone’s house — noisy news, news about the scandal, the trouble those people, whose was the house to sleep.

To clean (clean up) in someone else’s house — you will be asked for help and you can help.

To wash the floors in someone else’s house — an unexpected hassle.

To live in someone else’s house means the same as to live someone else’s life. It is possible that for some reason you dedicate yourself to another person or persons for the time being.

If dreamt a strange child, a stranger or your…

Dreams about my children, no matter what age they are, always «show» in a dream what’s happening to them than they are concerned about, as well as in dreams you can see their thoughts, feelings, and intentions. The mental world of our dreams — this is primarily a reflection of thoughts and emotions. Any «surge», that is a strong emotion, obsessive, recurring thoughts and dreams this whole process will be reflected. Close people, especially those who cares, loves and experiences — immediately intercept such signals. Here they are seen in dreams. Next, they need to understand and decipher the symbolism of dreams.

Almost the same can be said about the children with whom often communicate or they are relatives. If in your dream you saw a child for whom worried in your life, and you care about him, then in dreams you can also see something relating to it directly or indirectly. It can be grandchildren, nephews, sisters, brothers and other relatives.

Other people’s children in dreams are often symbols that prototypes, which can symbolically reflect their native, that is, to characterize certain types of relationships their own way. For example, if you had a friend girl you know that she is the winner of the contest, and in your dream she’s friends with your grandson, we can say that now your child catch up in school. Or sturdy little girlfriend in dreams will be in your bed, while in reality you are at this moment is sick, sleep is to recovery.

I gave a very generalized examples, the options are great in number, but I think the General meaning is clear, and the analogy to understanding the dreams you will be able to apply.

If you dream you know that child is yours, though in life there is no such, then the dream indicates your (only!) business, project, undertaking. If you dream you know that child is yours and someone else’s (that is for men — and your women, and for women and your a man), the dream points to a connection or relationship with your partner.

In this dream everything that happens to a child, the reality happens in relationships.

Unknown children are symbols (almost 98%%) of your aspects of personality or circumstance in life. If these children dream of a beautiful, healthy, well-dressed, then the changes will be significant and positive. Children are always an important part of human life that not one of them, and therefore the symbol of this dream will be important in reality. Such dreams are worth paying attention to!

See the full interpretation of the symbol for «Child, children»

By itself, the character «Alien» means not yours (THIS is a POTENTIAL-BASED CHARACTER), that is for someone else. Therefore, for any characteristic of a thing or object, will be applied the description of «your». Next, we need to understand the plot of the dream.

Dream high

Height in dreams indicates the level, position, advantage, status, potential, opportunity, significance. Tall people in dreams signify the status symbol of the situation or certain circumstances that they figuratively represent.

If you see yourself in dream high, that is higher than you, the dream foretells success, wealth and recovery for patients.


Prophetic dreams and lucid dreaming. Project of oneironauts «Magickum»
Magickum. Prophetic dreams and lucid dreaming. Theory and practice. E-books:
Amazon | XinXii | Smashwords
Amazon |

Lovers often dream of themselves and their partners higher than normal, which means loftiness and sincerity of feelings of a partner, specifically one who was in the dream above.

Tall men like tall women in dreams symbolize the status of their position in a particular area or field.

If you dream you saw your favorite tall, so in reality, it means something to you will.

To see the tree in the dream big, it’s huge with a lush crown is a sign of good luck and happiness. The height of the tree indicates the height position in society, material wealth (high standard of living), social status and position in the field where you can or already manifest themselves. In short, the higher the tree, the higher your position.

Very high fence – the prohibition or restriction, limitation. If in your dream fence is not an obstacle, beautiful high sturdy fence means you have solid protection and you will not be able to harm.

Heel height specifies the height of your position in those or other circumstances, both literally and figuratively.

Jumping on the spot in height, up and attempts to overcome the difficulties, which anyway will not give you anything (if in sleep you do so action was not reached).

Jump height — the fear of losing position, status. Usually these dreams end during a jump, if you jumped himself a dreamer. If you landed in a dream, it is important that happened to you, it will be the interpretation of the dream. If you still had the jump, usually a dream means fear of defeat, not a defeat. If there is a final sleep and landing, decipher this dream further.

High waves — a significant change that will cause excitement, a strong emotional shock. However, circumstances can be both good and bad. You can tell by the weather in the dream or the color of the water, the story of the dream.

The high ceiling is a symbol of the potential in the case, which is characterized by the room. See the separate interpretation of the character: house, room, hospital, theater and so on.

Highest mountain — sign of the challenges, obstacles, and simultaneously achieve the global goal.

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