The history of the actual illness and recovery — dreams come true

Six months ago, had a dream: I see my girlfriend who does damage to me, she angry at me and her evil sister and mother. I stand by the sink, it is dirty and old and spit blood there, and in my head the words: disease, illness, disease. Then I did not want to believe it, and it is difficult to believe that people close to you can do these things, the time is shown, and set into place. Now, she’s not my girlfriend.
Three weeks ago, a dream: I was in the park go across the bridge over the river. I went to the pond, it is all tightened with duckweed, Читать далее

Circle of Protection to tame your beast Joint lucid dream


Quest is an aspect for the circle of protection. If you dream you can meet the animals and look him in the eye, including the wolf, so you want to see your enemy will lose power. This rule is the mental world, which has consequences in everyday life. In reality, your enemies will be on your side under the influence of objective circumstances. This does not mean that the enemy becomes a friend or you pull out Читать далее

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