Dream interpretation pregnant

Pregnancy in a dream in any case means new plans, projects, business ideas, began to be implemented, preparation, planning new beginnings, sometimes relationships or alliances.

As a General principle, «feelings» in dreams, beautiful pregnant women mean a future profit, income, well-being and the positive results of the efforts.

Ugly, sick, poorly dressed, with any flaws to having pregnant trouble, difficulties, procrastination, worries and experiences.


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In any case, in life and in dreams, the result is a delivery. Pregnancy — gestation. The child — the fruit of the efforts. I think after so many allegories you understand the basic essence of the character.

Almost all records of dream symbols of pregnancy and birth indicate it is something new emerging in your life. And the case in which you have invested (or the character of the dream which was pregnant) strength, energy, perhaps money or some other material components, and if short — «fed and nurtured» in some way — this is the period of pregnancy, reflected symbolically in the dream.

To better understand the meaning of «pregnancy» in the dream, I will explain again that childbirth is a «symbolic» child, child. He carried and ready to birth. This point you see in the mental world of dreams, like childbirth, and the preceding period of «gestation» of ideas or plans is pregnancy.

For pregnant and non-pregnant state, this symbol is interpreted in different ways.

For pregnant women, in reality, a dream about her pregnancy is a dream of the category of psychological. Normally, if a person «sees» in dreams what he thinks is going through the day. Here are a few General rules:

if you are up for something very nervous and you had a nightmare with a recurring story of your fears, sleep, rather, gives the opportunity of psychological relief. Follow the link and work through your problem until the end, so do not cheat yourself and not to lead to a nervous breakdown.
if the plot of the dream was unexpectedly unpleasant, decode the symbols in the dream, maybe your subconscious is warning you about some problem. In cases with dreams, we can say that the majority of dreams is a preventative and proactive.
any «nice» dreams that leave pleasant emotions and feelings even after awakening, in any case, meant for pregnant women only. They should just for fun to solve. During pregnancy, many women become «visible» to the fate of the unborn child. Therefore, such dreams sometimes I remember all my life and retold from generation to generation. They are fateful.
If pregnant childbirth dream, then the dream from the category of «psychological training». Nervous system and internal body reaction «train» in advance, rehearse, so to speak, to hone skills. Almost all pregnant women before delivery repeatedly dreaming about the process itself.

Dreams about pregnancy and childbirth (not pregnant) have a special meaning. Such dreams do not indicate trivial or simple everyday Affairs. This is an important change in a person’s life, playing a further important role in his life.

Pregnancy and or the birth of a boy – new business, project, embodied in the reality of the idea. Here the meaning of male and female, shows us symbolically the subconscious mind that pregnancy and / or birth of a girl is the birth of you are emotional, sensitive state, embodied in the reality of ideas, and active business tangible accomplishments in social life, the external world, society, society.

If dreamed that the child stood in the abdomen, a sleep to the failure of the case, which was long planned and «bore», were prepared. Change the projection of the future!

If «beats» feet, move, sleep means the viability and success of the future enterprise.

To be pregnant and give birth in a dream a son or daughter has the same meaning described above, with the only difference that the new in your life will belong only to you. For example, such dreams often have before you purchase real estate, is furnished to the person or company that is solely owned by the person and so on, by analogy, I think you understand the meaning…

If in the dream your daughter is pregnant (or gave birth to a child is a new stage in her life, and the value of the same sense above.

To be pregnant of twins, triplets and so on is similar in meaning to the projects, the works and achievements. For example, one report dreams a woman dreamt that she goes to kindergarten, and there is gradually one by one included twin girls. And so she counted to the end of the dream there are ten of them. That is, it was desaturase. So, for a brief period she gradually opened ten subsidiary companies, which participated in one field.

Often unable to understand the meaning of dreams in which pregnant be other people in the story of the dream.

Any you dreamed while dreaming, one way or another carries information. It can be a direct reference to some event or action, or indirectly, to symbolize about events similar to the past or human nature. The determining factors in deciphering dreams will have the following characteristics:

If this is familiar to you, then the dream will directly touch them or you and these people. If people are unfamiliar, it is likely that the circumstances seen you in a dream you are still unknown and the actors — as yet unknown.


Strangers in dreams are indicative for the actions of third parties in relation to you. And rarely — on events that you do not relate, however, such dreams are dreams of a dreamer, that is, people who are prone to dreams, their well-characterized or have developed the skills of active sleep.

To dream of belly means a dream, pointing to the well-being or lack of it in life. In appearance of the abdomen in a dream, you can determine what is the quality of human life, the stomach of which you saw in a dream. This aspect is of fundamental importance, as it points directly to the person in respect of whom you dream you received information.

Pregnant belly means money and income.



Often in dreams we see family, friends and loved ones. All our dreams are primarily a direct reflection of all our thoughts. We nevidim in altered States of consciousness on the mental and essential plans, as a rule. As a result, all of our first night traveling show,» we continue our thoughts and emotions. And second of all — important developments not involving us directly.

Each of us will see in a dream everyday hustle and bustle, which incessantly thought a day than will the signal of the subconscious, which will make its way from the other thinking and feeling. And what a pity!

So. Who we most often dream about? The one we most think or care about.

And it is our loved ones.

All we saw in their dreams on them is primarily their own thoughts, emotions, fears and worries. Fear is the strongest emotion, you know. And it «works» as a trigger for our emotions, which we carefully hide in the subconscious. And our nightmares from their subconscious to get, and thus we are treated, released and purified.

How to relieve stress or to get rid of nightmares…

If, hand on heart, you can say that you haven’t thought about the person, and he himself had a dream, most likely that you received the signal on a mental level from him, that is, you thought about it.

In any case, if you want to learn «pure» truth without any impurity of your thoughts, train your skills lucid dream (if you know how) or use the install — affirmations, inducing prophetic dreams. Over time, this practice eliminates your ability to clear the awareness and control of dreams.

That dream, if you got pregnant?

Or what symbols in dreams to pregnancy?

The egg is braided two braids, stork, Heron, blue and pink color in the house, fish small.

Ex in the dream is pregnant…

A former sweetheart or lover in dream where something from your past with them let you know. This is a very generalized description, but the plot of the dreams you will be able to understand more details. For example, if your dream repeats something negative from your past experience with the former, most likely the dream shows your fear of the future, are you afraid of repeating bad relationships. If the former you hug or kiss, then he or she has repented, or fondly remembers you. If you cry, it means they regret their mistakes in the past.

The symbol «pregnancy» should be interpreted taking into account the General characteristics. See this article at the beginning.

Death, murder and accidents with pregnant…

means total failure, failure.

If in your dream you have killed someone is pregnant, then the dream points to your advantage over a person or situation of a victory in some respects, the situation. This is for cases if had you killing an enemy, a dangerous man.

If you killed by accident, then felt regret, sleep indicates the circumstances in which you are in real life themselves put an end to the relationship, the connection, the case (look that symbolized or meant for you, the one you killed) and you’ll regret it.

The pregnant man can dream if he planned or arise other relationships. And a man with a child is a direct indication of its close relationship with someone. If he brought the child to you, or in the dream, he brought your child sleep talking about his serious intentions towards you.

Pregnant animals, reptiles…

The cat gave birth to kittens in a dream — this signifies the appearance in your life of unselfish affection, but expensive for you. Of course, if you have experienced pleasant feelings for the kittens in the dream. If disgust or any other negative emotions in your life can include people arrogant, annoying and demanding. And to get rid of them will be very difficult. Change the projection of the future!

To dream

The process itself vision in dreams refers to the perception of images, symbols, and oddly enough — KNOWLEDGE. A dreamer, oneironaut, experienced practitioner, sometimes a random lucky ones, the information in dreams can come (to do) as PURE KNOWLEDGE. In most cases all data is «encrypted» in characters.

So, if you SEE in dreams pure information and events, occurrences, actions and deeds of people, you don’t need a dream book, and the page with the AFFIRMATIONS of the DREAMS — for practicing OS. If you do not intend to practice the Wasps, but simply want to see a prophetic dream, for example about the future, you are on on the page of PROPHETIC DREAMS project Magicum.


Prophetic dreams and lucid dreaming. Project of oneironauts «Magickum»
Magickum. Prophetic dreams and lucid dreaming. Theory and practice. E-books:
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There is another secluded and popular location on the website is the BLOGS of MAGICOM. Everyone here is having fun in full: I write to Express my opinion, to hone skills in interpretation, revealing their own abilities in understanding the world of dreams.

In all of this easier to understand with books of a project — there is all information in a systematic way.

And… let’s move on to the interpretation of the character that you are, in principle, «looked» to look. So.

To dream…

The street. A dream in which the streets are wide, clean and beautiful spoke about the successful movement of your Affairs in the near future. The wider and longer the street the more will last a period of your life. To see the street in the dream is narrow, dirty or dark and curve with bumps — to obstacles in Affairs. Walk down the street — the movement of cases. Sweep in the dream, the street — to eliminate the problems hindering the promotion.

Snow in the dream, clean and sparkling in the sun — the changes in your life for the better. Snow white in the dream, fortunately. The whiter it is and more beautiful than happier and happier your future changes. A dream in which you see a lot of snow — for profit and health.

A dream about mud dream to shame or disease. In the dream, to fall in the mud — a disgrace, public disgrace. To walk through the mud to failure and heavy period experiences. Walking barefoot on the dirt — a lot of stress because of the scandal. Feet in the mud to disease due to emotions and stress. The dirt on the road means that in the very near future there will be a public scandal and disgrace. But, this dream — a sign of advance. If you know what I mean, or will be able to determine where you are in trouble, try to keep aloof.

To dream of a beautiful wood sign the good life, prosperity and joy. Matter what you were doing in the woods in a dream. For example, to collect mushrooms in the forest to prosperity and profits.

If you dream of a dark forest, thick, hopeless, or rugged, a dream to sadness, grief and anxiety. In these dreams there are always additional characters indicating certain situations in life.

In my sleep the floor is dirty means unhappiness and discord in the family. Depending, of course, some dirt, and in which rooms. For example, water on the floor dream about the problems and experiences that relate to families and households. So you were clearer the meaning of this symbol in dreams is water is the emotional background and the floor — resistance provisions of the fundamental basis. If you combine these two characters, you get that in your dream you saw their experiences because of the instability in some situation. Well, if the water was clean, even cold. This means that your anxiety will pass.

The graves in the cemetery dream to work in case that bothers you or guilt, although correct to say — something in the past that still does not give you peace.

Dream about the bridge portends you a big change. The bridge over the river symbolizes the transition from one lifestyle to another. Significant changes. The bridge in the dream go — a very good sign. You will be able to overcome all obstacles and achieve his goal. In addition, you fate, circumstances will favor. To go over the bridge in a dream — a sign of good luck in a hard case. Whatever the circumstances, you will be able to implement his plan. Importantly, to the end of your dream, the bridge is not destroyed or you fell from it.

Field in a dream symbolically reflects the current, the course of your life, major changes and your vision and sense of future events. Interesting, but the field usually have where the visible future events, not past or present. For example, to dream of a field of flowers to see the happiness and joy and well-being. The green field to the pleasures in life and the premonitions come true hopes. To go on such field — to love, health and serenity. Wheat field Vosne to the wealth and well-being. Plowed field dream for the coming great luck and wealth. Potato field — your hard work will allow you to live comfortably.

A dream about grain foreshadows happiness, fulfilling hopes, full of contentment and well-being. Of course, if the plot of a dream no threatening signs, when the grain was spoiled, darkened, decayed or lost is to loss and damages. To dream of wheat grain to the wealth that you get by the case, which involved not only for work but also love it! Coffee beans in your sleep (as well as coffee beans) — dream to receive a well-deserved pleasure, and such as you wanted, what you were thinking and dreaming. Pomegranate seeds in a dream — to position in society and wealth. To dream of a lot of grain to a great income and prosperous life.

Corn dream means that your life is prosperous and secure. In all senses. And you and your family happy and healthy. Corn on the cob to dream — to the results of a specific case or project. What is the cob or the cob — these are the results. To gather corn in the dream to increase your income, and may portend the fulfillment of a cherished desire. To dream of corn boiled — to ensure that your security is based on past returns.

Braid from the hair symbolizes strength, energy, ability and order in all of this. To weave braids in her sleep, then allow the thoughts and Affairs in order, know what I want. If a man dreams that the girl weaves a braid so she made a decision in relation to it.

A dream about berries means sensual, emotional reactions to events, usually in personal relationships. Collect in a dream berries — to the fleeting passions and a short novel. There are ripe, sweet berries – delight, pleasant communication.

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