Dream Interpretation wash

Wash something in a dream means the possibility to get rid of problems and diseases. For example, wash the floors in house implies try or strong obsessive desire to eliminate hard feelings and negative emotions. Sweeping the floors — fracas, swearing, aspiration to establish piece (usual women’s fate, women are common to have such dreams)

Dirty house for diseases. If you washed the house or flat in your dreams then your life will get better soon and things will be back to normal. If you had bad feelings in the dream or you were washing, but dirt had no end — bad changes, quarrels, swearing. Try to change proection of the future.

Sometimes anyone else washes floors in dreams. Rarely, I conforted with such dream reports  — the dream reflects a situation when the person who washes the floors in your home in actual way hurt you in any way. You realize that life’s circumstances are different, and can cause trouble voluntarily and involuntarily. That’s not the point. The meaning of this dream is that the consequences of an injury will be canceled. And the most interesting is that despite the fact that in the dream action was made by ​​the man himself, in this case, it does not mean that he has repented, or made an attempt to help you. In the dream you just had shown that it was his action against you and the result does not longer work against you. Next is to understand, what concerned his actions. This can be determined by the situation in the dream.

A stranger-woman washes a floor in a dream — troubles and problems from evil-wisher.

The dead man washes floors in the house in a dream — to death or illness. Wash the floors at work — change your place of work. Wash the floors in the apartment — the same as the scrub the floors in the house — to build relationships with your family, get rid of the problem of domestic and family. Very well, if you could clean it completly.

Wash the floors in the porch- a change of residence . Wash the floors at school — to leave his school or to change it. To mop the floor — the scandals, quarrels, and clarify the relationship. Wash the wood floor in a dream — to poverty.

Washing the floor in the church — to repent for sins. Wash the stairs in a dream — a change for the better, be possible to implement the plans.

Wash away dirt or launder dirty — to recover. Wash your feet from dirt — to recovery.

Wash the corpse in a dream — to stop yearn for the past.

Wash long hair means prepare yourself for some event thoroughly, put all the thoughts , way of life in order, in order to comply with a fait events. Wash head, hair is to organize thoughts. Such dreams  usually appear when a personworries for something and (or) could not find an explanation for something, brain did not fit. If the head was soaped or shampooed, then clarification will come through «a good shake», but everything will fall into place.

Wash hands in a dream means to get rid of unpleasant duties imposed on you against your will. Or you can give up the bad orders, work.

Wash your face — to recovery, well-being. Wash — you have a good life ahead of time. If you dream you wash your back, sleep means most of your troubles, difficulties and humiliation over.

Wash your ass in a dream means that you can easily get out of discomfiture or shameful siteation.

Dishes that you wash in a dream represents an opportunity to avoid any family troubles, conflicts and quarrels. Such signs in dreams appear in the moments preceding scandals and ascertaining the relationship with his family and relatives.

Wash the cup — to receive guests. Glasses (washed) — can mean a loss, a waste of money. Wash dishes — an unpleasant conversation with the guests in your home, often turn out to be relatives. Wash pot — trouble for gossip. Wash the dirty spoons — loss and grief, from which you will have to get rid on your own. Washing forks in a dream means the same. The only difference is that the spoons symbolize grief because of money, material losses and fork — upset because of the relationship between people.

If you dream about someone else wash the dishes, intervene in other people’s conflicts. You will want to help in any way. That this will be possible or not — is another matter.

Wash in a dream bathroom — get rid of a lot of trouble. Wash the toilet or toilet — recovery. Wash sink — to healing. The difference between the toilet and sink in a dream is that the toilet symbolizes organs of the gastrointestinal tract, and sink — the lungs, throat, mouth. As a consequence, all accompanying diseases.

If you dream you wash the walls, the dream is an attempt to create a strong position. What is concerned exactly, can be defined by location or finding a wall in your dream.

Wash the windows in a dream — to enlightenment. You will be able to find a way out of a difficult situation with the help (direct or indirect) of others. Now you need action, not passive waiting.

Wash the glass means that you can avoid losses and disappointments. Wash the mirror — for a change. What they will be — you will see in the mirror.

Wash the door — to change or move. Wash the ceiling — get rid of stupid fantasies. Wash table — to disappointments and sorrows.

Wash children or babies in a dream means that you will be able to stop the litigation, litigation, investigation or get rid of big problems. Of course, if you could wash the child off.

Wash your husband or wife — to provide them with assistance and support in difficult times. Wash man in his sleep — will render someone help. If it was a stranger to you people sleep symbolizes help you. Wash the corpse in a dream — to cease to yearn for the past.

Wash the dog — help a friend. Wash the cat — show weakness, which may in the future regret.

Wash the car — to tidy things that in actual fact you started!

Wash the fish — «launder» money. The same means to wash potatoes. This variant of earnings when you have a percentage of something , but do not receive salary.

Wash apples in a dream means desire, attempt to conceal the secret and (or) the forbidden relationship.

Wash the carpet — the desire to restore their status and material wealth after the collapse and failure.

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