Dream thick

Thick and «fat» people in dreams represent income and profit. In the mental world symbolically «weight» is recorded as «weight in a body.» Sometimes in dreams we can see a rich man, such a dream would mean favorable circumstances.

In any case, fat fat people in dreams is a symbol of prosperity.

Fat in a dream — to wealth.If you have not experienced any negative emotions about your plump body, wait from a life of pleasant surprises and lots of fun.

If you experienced from a new kind of shock, fear, you was unpleasant to watch or completeness was ugly, sleep — to a series of emotions and stress, which can result in disease.


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Dream interpretation fight

Quarrel, separation or withdrawal from loved ones in dreams. If a person turns away from you, turns back, throws, leaving you, the dream means that your relationship is upset. Such gestures or postures symbolically reflect a lack of understanding and support.

If we have our favorite, and this happens quite often, it means that you are «in touch» with the object of your thoughts and feelings. You are currently so focused on this person that just scan all his actions and even thoughts. Surprisingly, this natural ability almost all of us have a love or strong anxiety for loved ones. That each of us can use it daily, we do not even suspect. This requires an unusual focus on someone or something, and in this case, everything happens by the will of the entity that is you.


Prophetic dreams and lucid dreaming. Project of oneironauts «Magickum»
Magickum. Prophetic dreams and lucid dreaming. Theory and practice. E-books:
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All the dreams about our favorite — a full report on their work and intentions. And also about those events that directly affect your relationship. These are the dreams we need to solve already carefully deciphering all the symbols. Sometimes for years could have the same person in the past was a very warm relationship. And despite the fact that fate has not brought with him, he or she come in my dreams, leaving unforgettable feelings of tenderness, care and love. Such dreams are a continuation of your relationships, often talking about the karmic connection between you or kinship, although life is different and changes «flashy» attitude, making the amendment.

If, hand on heart, you can say that you haven’t thought about the person, and he himself had a dream, most likely that you received the signal on a mental level from him, that is, you thought about it.

In any case, if you want to learn «pure» truth without any impurity of your thoughts, train your skills lucid dream (if you know how) or use the install — affirmations, inducing prophetic dreams. Over time, this practice eliminates your ability to clear the awareness and control of dreams.

Look for the icon «Man» «Guy»

«Symbols of relationship and love

The most unpleasant dreams about our loved ones, are dreams about infidelity. Here the same principle. We live, getting rid of stress, in dreams what you fear in life. There is one rule: if you had something you were afraid, 99.9% of the % that your sleep will not be repeated in life.

What dream characters indicate cheating?

See the symbol of «Treason»

Look for the icon «Wedding»

See the interpretation of the symbol «people» completely

Dream chick

In dreams Chicks symbolize children, childhood, birth. The initial stage of development of something.

Bird with Chicks — a symbolic reflection of the parents and children. Nest with Chicks dreaming to family happiness and prosperity in the house. Chicken – little, in any sense, aspect of nature (look at context of dream) or the beginning of the birth of the case project.

If you dream you saw a chick any specific birds, to interpret the dream have given the symbol of this bird. In any case — this is the aspect of the event which it represents. See separate titles.

To leave the nest – reliance, independence, growing up. To hatch a chick from an egg –birth, coming into the world, so it could be an allegory of the events. See «egg» and «chicken eggs»

Empty nest without Chicks or birds in your dream indicates disappointments and unfulfilled hopes.


Prophetic dreams and lucid dreaming. Project of oneironauts «Magickum»
Magickum. Prophetic dreams and lucid dreaming. Theory and practice. E-books:
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Dream interpretation old woman

Old people, old and elderly people in dreams is a symbol of wisdom and knowledge (if in the dream they are friendly and pleasant), as well as illness, sickness and jealousy if they are ugly and work against you.

Also, look for the icon «Witch witch»

Any you dreamed while dreaming, one way or another carries information. It can be a direct reference to some event or action, or indirectly, to symbolize about events similar to the past or human nature. The determining factors in deciphering dreams will have the following characteristics:

If this is familiar to you, then the dream will directly touch them or you and these people. If people are unfamiliar, it is likely that the circumstances seen you in a dream you are still unknown and the actors — as yet unknown.

Strangers in dreams are indicative for the actions of third parties in relation to you. And rarely — on events that you do not relate, however, such dreams are dreams of a dreamer, that is, people who are prone to dreams, their well-characterized or have developed the skills of active sleep.


Prophetic dreams and lucid dreaming. Project of oneironauts «Magickum»
Magickum. Prophetic dreams and lucid dreaming. Theory and practice. E-books:
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Often in dreams we see family, friends and loved ones. All our dreams are primarily a direct reflection of all our thoughts. We nevidim in altered States of consciousness on the mental and essential plans, as a rule. As a result, all of our first night traveling show,» we continue our thoughts and emotions. And second of all — important developments not involving us directly.

Each of us will see in a dream everyday hustle and bustle, which incessantly thought a day than will the signal of the subconscious, which will make its way from the other thinking and feeling. And what a pity!

See the interpretation of the symbol «people» completely

Dream evil

Anger in dreams always indicate an actual negative emotions. It is necessary to remember, in dreams emotions mean emotions, that is, ourselves, in contrast to all other actions and events of life, «encrypted» symbols of our subconscious in dreams eloquently tries to show us a fragment of the movie called «my dreams», putting into action in everyday life.

The anger that comes from a man in a dream indicates primarily on the interaction or intersection with the character of your dreams to fall and at best, you’ll be able to simply retire. Although, I must say that, as in any other dream, it is necessary to pay attention to one detail and the whole story. What happened? What was the end of your sleep, did evil people to harm you.


Prophetic dreams and lucid dreaming. Project of oneironauts «Magickum»
Magickum. Prophetic dreams and lucid dreaming. Theory and practice. E-books:
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We can say only that someone is against you. If in this dream you were angry, in reality, can someone throw out the negative, by arranging the proceedings, and even fight to start.

Angry wife to husband or Vice versa suggests that, after the strife between the two of you finally will be peace.

Angry animals in dreams — by definition symbolize the negative characteristics of the animal. But as a symbol of the animal means first and foremost the nature or habits of a person, we can say someone «sharpening the spear» or wants to «stick a knife in the back». As for dreams, here the symbol of «evil animal» even more negative than the characteristic symbol of the «evil man». Animal habits — not to the person of Homo sapiens.

See animal symbols in the Dream book of Magicom separately.

If you dream you see the anger coming from someone else, but you do not have an fear, fear, your fear of reality about some situation or person — in vain. All right, you will not cause harm.

Your own anger and irritation in my dreams, which, incidentally, is almost always accompanied by another feeling — despair, saying that in reality, you can not leave the «vicious circle» some problems in your life.

Dream interpretation back

Back in a dream — symbolizes the strength of man, his strong-willed character, confidence, determination, ability to defend their interests, to oppose, to achieve the intended. All this, of course, the characteristics of strong and beautiful back in the dream. But there are also nuances.

To stand or be behind someone, to have a protector, patron. Same can be said about the character of «someone’s back to you», such a position relative to the character of the dream means that the person does not care about your problems.


Prophetic dreams and lucid dreaming. Project of oneironauts «Magickum»
Magickum. Prophetic dreams and lucid dreaming. Theory and practice. E-books:
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Another thing, if the plot of the dream you had his back turned, in a sense, turned away. This symbol means that you do not listen, do not hear, do not perceive and has lost interest in you, so communication between people. Often indicates a fracture in the relationship.

If in the dream someone someone on the back, this situation symbolizes an emergency care. Depending on the presence of a feeling of heaviness or awkwardness such a situation, you can judge how that person or character of sleep, who «gave his back».

A Pat on the back — a gesture of calm and harmony with man.

Kiss in the back — a sign of love and care. Protection, patronage and intercession, if kisses strong or weaker depending on the situation, who needs help.

Shot, shot, shot in the back — betrayal.

If back visible wounds or bruises, abrasions, — the dream means that the character of the sleep will have trials, sometimes of deprivation.

Any burden on the back — for difficulties.

Beautiful and strong back of a man in a dream — a symbol of confidence, protection and support in any situation.

Smooth, beautiful, healthy, strong back in a dream — a symbol of prosperity, confidence in the future, secured and peaceful life until old age.

If anyone pushes in the back in a dream, is a sign of hurry, don’t miss your chance, now’s the time!

Dream interpretation hands

Hands in a dream means opportunity: to take, to give, to protect all that we in life make with hands or can do in a dream reflected symbolically. I will add that the hands symbolize primarily personal strengths and weaknesses of the person at the time of the dream.

Someone in the dream belong to the hands in regards to the character and works, so that when decrypting it should be considered.

To dream of a beautiful, well-groomed or strong hands — a sign of prosperity and stability. Enjoy the hand — to confidence and prosperity. His own hand in a dream symbolizes your destiny. Alien hand — the fate of a stranger. This particularly concerns the dreams, when you see the hand, see it or distinguish it on the line, signs. In these dreams intuitively or subconsciously himself a dreamer perceives information, immediately recognizing, at least in General terms what is written.


Prophetic dreams and lucid dreaming. Project of oneironauts «Magickum»
Magickum. Prophetic dreams and lucid dreaming. Theory and practice. E-books:
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The right hand means the events of the present, past tense, if it had consequences for current events, and can also symbolize man kind.

The left hand points to possible events in the future and symbolically indicates women in the family.

Large hands — a sign of realization, of achievement. Many hands in a dream indicates opportunities, usually relating to income, earnings, profits.

The hand of a man in a dream — to shelter, care and protection.

Small arms limitations. Children’s hand — to help someone.

Long reach for greater opportunities and the implementation of the plan.

Hairy hands — for money and profit.

Money in hand — to prosperity.

Holding hands is a joint achievement.

To take the hand or make a hand out support and assistance.

Shake hands in a dream — the new business cooperation, Union or Alliance. Matters someone who shakes hands.

To go along hands — full trust in the relationship.

Wash dream — to be saved from troubles and problems from someone who erases in a dream. Sometimes it can indicate healing abilities.

If in the dream the man kisses the woman the dream means that the man is willing to admit their feelings. If he kisses «show» his feelings are not sincere. If in the dream woman kisses the hand of the man, the woman worships the man, and her love — on the verge of servility.

Iron hands and feel tender skin is a sign of reassurance, satisfaction and pleasure.

To carry the care and patronage, sincere love, respect. The baby — a symbol of caring. If the child is known to you — this dream relates directly to him. If the unknown child, sleep indicates a business or a relationship where the same will be manifested care for those who have a child on my hands. (The baby is a boy or a girl — see separately).

A bite on the hand often indicates financial problems. And the wound on the hand is the sign of high material losses, perhaps poverty.

Bites of animals, birds or reptiles in the arm or hand is a sign that your plans are disturbed by enemies, opponents, detractors and competitors.

Broken arm or fractured arm, hand — to poverty, deprivation, powerlessness, disease.

A severed hand, cut off, cut off — a possible sign of loss of relatives or friends.

The tattoos on his arms — a symbol of the certainty of your fate, which you yourself have prepared. To decipher this dream, you need to understand the meaning of the tattoo itself, but rather sign. The same should be taken into account and part of the body where you dream you saw her. Hands — a symbol of what you can take or give. It is common sense. All positive characteristics in that dream will mean opportunities and success. Negative — the failure of plans, disappointments and obstacles in life.

Separately, refer to the interpretation of dreams: Rings on hands, a Bracelet, a Watch, Keys in hand, to Catch fish with his hands, to dream fish hands, Snake in hands, Fingernails, Fingers,

Black hands — a symbol of the crimes, usually against humanity.

Dead hand — the failure of the relationship.

Patient hand — incapacity in a certain sense (with respect to certain events, actions, decisions).

Hands in blood — relatives. The plot of the dreams, you have to determine exactly what affect these actions. It’s not necessarily a bad symbol of things, just first of all he points to the blood of people and events with them.

Wrists — a symbol of active actions, or, conversely, inaction. But there is one important aspect of the vein indicate the individual capacities of the person from whom you got them. So bright, full of blood — the sign of great possibilities. Blue, weak — to the impotence of man.

Hands are dirty or soiled, to the shame and failures in business. Other people’s dirty hands — a sign of warning. You have the envious and ill-wishers.

Hands clean — to the success of the plan.

Hand shit — a sign warning against rash actions. In the near future you need to refrain from risky adventures and enterprises.

Warm hands to feel, to care and love.

Cold hands — a sign of indifference and detachment.

Wave — a desire to attract attention in the dream. Often these are the dreams of dreamers are transferred into an active phase, after which they remember the dream.

To give up on something or someone in hand — withdrew from the case or a person’s reluctance to fulfill commitments or work.

Warts on the hands, blisters or a rash, pimples, to the frustration and sense of powerlessness in some circumstances.

Pain in the hand is the sign of obstacles from other people.

Glass in hand — the symbol of danger on the path of realization. After such a dream you can not count on the fulfillment of a wish or goal. Try to Change the projection of the future!

Needle in hand — to obstacles in Affairs. It would be good to pull the needle from your right hand in the dream. If you have no skills lucid dream, use the affirmation «Flamingo»

Guess in the dream at hand — the news that will allow you to understand intricate relations.

Any weapon in hand: knives, pistols, axes, guns — a sign of aggression or protection, depending on the context of the dream. See separate characters.

Any animals in the hands indicate feelings of love, affection, desire of intimacy with those whom they represent in the dream (people, relationships).

Reptile in hand means control over fears, diseases (there are due psihosomaticheskoy disorders and diseases caused by them), and victory over their enemies if in your dream in the hands of dangerous or poisonous reptile.

Birds in the hands often have the news, the news, the cause of which is man, in whose hands the bird. Sometimes these dreams mean wish fulfillment. It depends on the species of bird. So, also look at the characters of the birds are playing a role in decoding.

Handcuffs, chains or anything related hands — a symbol of the restrictions and the will of others over you.

If in a dream with hands peel off the skin, the dream foreshadows the scene.

If in a dream make an offer hands and hearts, the dream means new plans for the future, often kordinalno changing real.

An idiom «Sit idly by» in the dream means fatal delay.

Take hands in a dream and lead.

Hands in the shit means your shameful deeds. Feet — you will have a difficult time, full of failure and humiliation. Change the projection of the future! This situation will be hard to get out.

Beautiful male hands in a dream represent support and assistance. Holding hands is trust.

A dream in which you kiss the hands of said about the patronage of one whose hand you kiss. It can refer to feelings or relationships. The dream plot and actors will be able to determine who has what role.

Offer hands and hearts

Wash hands with soap and water

Wash hands or to wash their hands means to relieve themselves of responsibility or burden to have the opportunity to withdraw from the case or person that was unnecessary, interfered with, caused the problem. Get rid of forced, but unpleasant work or business.

dream wear

To put on clothes means to «get into character». Very good symbol in a dream will be new, expensive and suitable for your clothes that you just saw or bought and put on.

To wear someone’s clothes in a dream signifies your the help a person or assistance for the one you wear.

A lot of beautiful and expensive clothes — a sign of the opportunities that will soon be you, and you in turn will be able to use them. Of course, if in this dream you have, purchase, take these clothes.

To measure or try on clothes — the signs of the plans or changes that are possible for implementation.

See the full interpretation of the character to the Clothing


Prophetic dreams and lucid dreaming. Project of oneironauts «Magickum»
Magickum. Prophetic dreams and lucid dreaming. Theory and practice. E-books:
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