Dream high

Height in dreams indicates the level, position, advantage, status, potential, opportunity, significance. Tall people in dreams signify the status symbol of the situation or certain circumstances that they figuratively represent.

If you see yourself in dream high, that is higher than you, the dream foretells success, wealth and recovery for patients.


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Lovers often dream of themselves and their partners higher than normal, which means loftiness and sincerity of feelings of a partner, specifically one who was in the dream above.

Tall men like tall women in dreams symbolize the status of their position in a particular area or field.

If you dream you saw your favorite tall, so in reality, it means something to you will.

To see the tree in the dream big, it’s huge with a lush crown is a sign of good luck and happiness. The height of the tree indicates the height position in society, material wealth (high standard of living), social status and position in the field where you can or already manifest themselves. In short, the higher the tree, the higher your position.

Very high fence – the prohibition or restriction, limitation. If in your dream fence is not an obstacle, beautiful high sturdy fence means you have solid protection and you will not be able to harm.

Heel height specifies the height of your position in those or other circumstances, both literally and figuratively.

Jumping on the spot in height, up and attempts to overcome the difficulties, which anyway will not give you anything (if in sleep you do so action was not reached).

Jump height — the fear of losing position, status. Usually these dreams end during a jump, if you jumped himself a dreamer. If you landed in a dream, it is important that happened to you, it will be the interpretation of the dream. If you still had the jump, usually a dream means fear of defeat, not a defeat. If there is a final sleep and landing, decipher this dream further.

High waves — a significant change that will cause excitement, a strong emotional shock. However, circumstances can be both good and bad. You can tell by the weather in the dream or the color of the water, the story of the dream.

The high ceiling is a symbol of the potential in the case, which is characterized by the room. See the separate interpretation of the character: house, room, hospital, theater and so on.

Highest mountain — sign of the challenges, obstacles, and simultaneously achieve the global goal.

Dream interpretation Elevator

The Elevator in the dream tangible changes in emotional state, mood. Lift any other lift-descent is fast, confined space, and often what we can do to control them.

Most disturbing of dreams with a lift that a dreamer cannot go to enter it, lift the «not listening», that is going the wrong way and don’t stop there. Such dreams represent the emotional state of a person when he can not cope with anxiety. Such dreams should be treated with caution and to understand the causes of anxiety in your daily life, and not to bring themselves to the fact that once the dream Elevator «throw» through the roof or it will break and fall to the basement.


Prophetic dreams and lucid dreaming. Project of oneironauts «Magickum»
Magickum. Prophetic dreams and lucid dreaming. Theory and practice. E-books:
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In most cases dreams with a lift in the real life concerns of people actually «controlled» by themselves. But due to the fact that many of us from childhood to be afraid of getting stuck in the Elevator (subconscious fear), we give «control» something to fear and our subconscious mind often uses the Elevator.

Elevator access — the ability to quickly achieve the desired. The Elevator goes up and achieving the success that will come quickly.

Sent 02.03.2015 in 14:27
I go to the front door and ground floor to see his friend with his mother. He’s drunk and he has a little swollen face, and a little broken. His mother maintains that he did not fall. I’m going to climb to the second floor by Elevator, where he lives. Approach the Elevator and see that he is already standing in the Elevator with his back to me. I’m afraid to go with him in this condition and at first did not dare to enter, then I go, but I’m scared and I’m out of the Elevator. Then he gave me his hand, inviting me to enter the Elevator and I cease to fear him and go. We drive for some time as usual riding the Elevator, and then sharply accelerating and speeding up. Then the Elevator starts to go down on a circular path and outside the home. I was scared that we fall out of it. So it was four laps (up and down) then lifting on the fourth lap I woke up. Next dream I’m with my girlfriend in the same house at the highest floor and she said to me: Yes, there are four circles you have to drive. Well, or something like that. Please explain the dream.

Sent 02.03.2015 in 22:06 | reply to author Viki.
He actually drinks?

Sent on 03/03/2015 at 00:09
No, he doesn’t drink. Take care of business. We see him occasionally (maybe once a year or two) why dream it, I do not understand. I have not talked to him and was texting and hadn’t heard from him.

Sent on 03/03/2015 at 16:10 | reply Viki.
If a man rarely talk, and he does not take part in your life, it is likely that his image is transferred into your cases, since he engaged himself in business.
The whole appearance of his face: swollen, slightly broken, he’s drunk, says that the ACTIVITY ( what you do) is just not right and it is very much troubling you, you’re upset. And in order to RISE ABOVE, that is to change everything in the best direction for you, you have to pass 4 rounds — it can be the periods of time and can be cyclical repetitive actions by which you (your business) stand up. This figurative expression.

Sent on 03/03/2015 at 16:33
Thanks, Yes, true.

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