Dream interpretation Elevator

The Elevator in the dream tangible changes in emotional state, mood. Lift any other lift-descent is fast, confined space, and often what we can do to control them.

Most disturbing of dreams with a lift that a dreamer cannot go to enter it, lift the «not listening», that is going the wrong way and don’t stop there. Such dreams represent the emotional state of a person when he can not cope with anxiety. Such dreams should be treated with caution and to understand the causes of anxiety in your daily life, and not to bring themselves to the fact that once the dream Elevator «throw» through the roof or it will break and fall to the basement.


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In most cases dreams with a lift in the real life concerns of people actually «controlled» by themselves. But due to the fact that many of us from childhood to be afraid of getting stuck in the Elevator (subconscious fear), we give «control» something to fear and our subconscious mind often uses the Elevator.

Elevator access — the ability to quickly achieve the desired. The Elevator goes up and achieving the success that will come quickly.

Sent 02.03.2015 in 14:27
I go to the front door and ground floor to see his friend with his mother. He’s drunk and he has a little swollen face, and a little broken. His mother maintains that he did not fall. I’m going to climb to the second floor by Elevator, where he lives. Approach the Elevator and see that he is already standing in the Elevator with his back to me. I’m afraid to go with him in this condition and at first did not dare to enter, then I go, but I’m scared and I’m out of the Elevator. Then he gave me his hand, inviting me to enter the Elevator and I cease to fear him and go. We drive for some time as usual riding the Elevator, and then sharply accelerating and speeding up. Then the Elevator starts to go down on a circular path and outside the home. I was scared that we fall out of it. So it was four laps (up and down) then lifting on the fourth lap I woke up. Next dream I’m with my girlfriend in the same house at the highest floor and she said to me: Yes, there are four circles you have to drive. Well, or something like that. Please explain the dream.

Sent 02.03.2015 in 22:06 | reply to author Viki.
He actually drinks?

Sent on 03/03/2015 at 00:09
No, he doesn’t drink. Take care of business. We see him occasionally (maybe once a year or two) why dream it, I do not understand. I have not talked to him and was texting and hadn’t heard from him.

Sent on 03/03/2015 at 16:10 | reply Viki.
If a man rarely talk, and he does not take part in your life, it is likely that his image is transferred into your cases, since he engaged himself in business.
The whole appearance of his face: swollen, slightly broken, he’s drunk, says that the ACTIVITY ( what you do) is just not right and it is very much troubling you, you’re upset. And in order to RISE ABOVE, that is to change everything in the best direction for you, you have to pass 4 rounds — it can be the periods of time and can be cyclical repetitive actions by which you (your business) stand up. This figurative expression.

Sent on 03/03/2015 at 16:33
Thanks, Yes, true.

Dream autograph in the dream

In the dream, to take the autograph. Autograph, as a signature on anything is a confirmation of consent. To sign — to give the nod, to agree, to give their authorization to allow. Anyone else signed or puts his signature you will receive a permission or consent for their matters. Typically, this symbol appears in dreams, when we are talking about important issues, the resolution is in your favor any cases. What this applies to and who influence the decision, you can understand the plot of the dream. To take an autograph from a celebrity to achieve the desired, to realize a dream.


Prophetic dreams and lucid dreaming. Project of oneironauts «Magickum»
Magickum. Prophetic dreams and lucid dreaming. Theory and practice. E-books:
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Dream interpretation falling dream

Any fall in dreams symbolizes fear or unsteady in any way. For example, to fall to your subconscious the same thing and «fall out» of a particular situation or feeling the fear of losing his achieved position of status. So is it a reflection of your own reaction to change.



If in your dream you were falling from a height, and any height: from the roof, the sky, the building, the balcony, the bridge, the mountain, — a dream means loss of position. Or in the context of the dream, or in relation to the situation in life, you will be able to understand what the «height» can fall. In any case, such a dream warns of danger and troubles, change the projection of the future!

In General terms: to fall from the roof of the unforeseen circumstance, an accident.

From the sky, unrealistic expectations, inappropriate approach and because of all this — the collapse of hopes and plans for the implementation of the plan.

If in your dream you were falling from a building — loss of position. And, as you know, matter what exactly was in your dream building, it symbolizes a certain situation.

To fall from the balcony — the loss of stability, the usual situation. Often refers to personal Affairs, family Affairs.

The drop from the bridge to the inability to make the transition of change. Falling bridge — a dream to failure of plans.

Falling from the mountain — the loss of status, failure of plans, frustration.

To fall out of the window — to an accident or illness.

Fall in the pit — the danger of a critical situation, trouble. In itself, the fall in the mental world of dreams is a sharp jump down your energy, and this happens in situations where you get frustrated, get stress, experiencing shock. All people dream about falling into a pit at least a few times in my life. Falling in pit is different from other drops that out of the hole harder to get out. Harder, but not impossible. Do not be afraid of such dreams, it is better to analyze what you see and try to take preventive measures. Forewarned means forearmed! Your subconscious mind — the best friend and counselor. In the dream, be sure to be extra characters that will indicate the situation and the people involved in it.

Falling stones is the challenges from the people, expressed in someone’s active and open action against you.

Falling ring to the breakdown of relationships. It makes sense to guess whose ring was in a dream.

Falling Cabinet can dream for change in your personal life for the worse. All cabinets, especially dresses, mean family life, mental state of a person in connection with the relationships in his life.

The falling machine — changes in the business. If the machine is personal and can relate to the owner of the car, its Affairs or health. If it is the workers of the machine — for work, business, Affairs.

To fall in the snow means obstacles in business and difficult to resolve the situation. If you dream you will see falling snow, the meaning of the dream in the tape, which will not depend on you, however, obstacles will create.

The falling ceiling to feelings and stress.

Falling the wall — to the loss of confidence, insecurity.

Falling fence means the absence of obstacles in any case.

The falling house of dreams for change with bad and long-lasting consequences. Usually applies to family or household members.

A falling roof can mean the death of the owner dream home or a serious illness.

Falling Church — to severe life span. Waiting for help will not be coming from. Falling cross — shattered lives. This is a symbolic image, it is important to understand what he in your dream refers. Shooting icon — unfortunately.

Falling bird for the bad news. Only the falling vulture is a good sign. Danger.

The falling Elevator to hopeless position, collapsed.

Falling train — the inevitable situation of global change. Indicates loss of stability, employment, positions, and so on. Train — the sphere of business, social and economic.

Almost in any case when events in life require change, even good, person perceives these changes as a loss of the normal environment. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to what exactly ended the fall in the dream.

If just the fear of falling – fear of change. If the fall and further landing, then falling to adapt to change and will pay them for the benefit of themselves. To see another fall, as falls a stranger or friend to witness the changes in life as one falls in dreams. Who, if anyone, represents, resembles, represents falling.

To fall and to fly in a dream is a reflection of the emotional States of joy and anxiety. Events will occur in such a way that emotional feelings and experiences will often alternate within a short period of time. Almost always such a dream have psychological uncertainty and confusion. You just need to calm down, as these States themselves do not pass, and only cause more irritation, at first similar to euphoria, and then exhaust the nerves.

To fall to the ground in a dream means despair of the situation.

To fall in the mud of shame and humiliation.

Shit or toilet — to the shame, the disgrace and poverty.

To fall into the water — to danger, psychological stress.

To fall into a well — life-threatening accident.

Shooting stars — sign of symbolic death. If a star fell for you in the hand or arm, the dream means the fulfillment of a cherished desire.

Falling comet or meteorite a dream to change the bad social character. In the first case, they will be more significant.

The falling helicopter dream to failure in the relationship with some specific person.

To faint in the dream means that in reality you will find yourself in a situation when the incident pass by your attention or you will be unknown, despite the fact that you touch will you. Maybe it’s even better.


Prophetic dreams and lucid dreaming. Project of oneironauts «Magickum»
Magickum. Prophetic dreams and lucid dreaming. Theory and practice. E-books:
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