Dream beach

Beach dream is the symbolic achievement of the goal. Usually, it refers to dreams in which shore is visible from the sea, rivers, ocean. Even better if you made it to the shore — it means that you can achieve prosperity, success, profits and so on. What you are currently in Читать далее

Dream to penetrate

Penetration during sleep. If in a dream a dreamer sees the process of penetration – common sense is making something something or someone someone. Here are important items of penetration. As well as the subsequent reaction to the process. As a rule such action Читать далее

Forward to the past

Forward to the past
Forward to the past

This affirmation causes the dreams about the moments of your life when you have got a psychological problem. Usually they various from destructive influence of people to deep psychological scar and unsolved problems. Chiefly, you will return to the moments of life when all happened and by experiencing that in dream get rid of stress, fear, unreasonable pain, emotional discomfort caused by blocked events of the past:  perhaps by yesterdays’ accidental fright or by gone days… beyond the moment of birth.

Relieve stress, get rid of stress, how to calm down, how to relax, relaxation, to know the reason

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