Dream interpretation vampire

Vampires in dreams always symbolise people or people who are somehow «parasitic» on you has done it before or are going. Often this dream foretells the appearance in your life of such a person.

Well, if in your dream you could kill a vampire! You will be able to avoid danger.

A vampire bite can result in loss of status. And for patients with such sleep — to death.

In any case, the dream about vampires cannot be good! Be alert to your surroundings and change the projection of the future, if you have a practice of OS.


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People in the role vampires play in cases where sleep almost directly indicate that you will meet someone (if in sleep is a stranger, whose character and actions will cause a lot of experiences, and you in turn will lose energy and health.

Now about the separate categories of vampires in dreams. Stories of dreams with erotic overtones.

In the mental world, we all are open, easy, and most importantly — be honest, show all your emotions show feelings, doing what «what’s on your mind» in our daily life. Our energy and mental counterparts at other levels of the mind operate and manifest themselves differently. We are not constrained by the conventions of our social, even sexual identity we are not limiting. And if we in dreams «opened» before any person and at the same time our physiological body parentobj sexual energy, we can manifest itself in the whole range of feelings: having sex not only with a partner of the opposite sex, but gay sex.

I think that doing it with close relatives in dreams — pathology perverts? Nothing of the sort, these are the dreams that everyone in his life sees a dozen or who have limitations to be able to «relieve tension», — calculates your erotic fantasies in my dreams by the hundreds.

So, two coincident conditions: accumulated sexual energy and the object to which you can «open,» and the erotic dream is your friend all night (or while you sleep, while you will not Wake up to orgasm).

To the question: «why do I have erotic dreams», we replied. Why often? Not fully satisfied! To make love with their partners in dreams — it’s super easy! Even your fantasies about them! What does this mean? Your partner is right for you! Any dream where you had sex with a friend and the person closest to you is a physiological, psychological discharge, stress relief.

If you ‘mate’, I’m sorry, with unfamiliar people, or known but not loved ones, you podpisala. These dreams — hidden vampirism on the energy level. And usually, in these dreams of you «suck» power. And not Vice versa. Even if you like sex with a beautiful stranger or a stranger, get you through the day, two, three you will feel a strong outflow of energy and strength. Almost everything after these «adventures» sick. How you could this happen — that’s another topic, I’ll talk about it in another article.

All oneironaut know about the succubus and the Incubus. This is a designation for the astral vampires from medieval legends, but we do not have to invent a new designation for their definitions, so as it is: a succubus — energy vampire — a woman or in a woman’s appearance, an Incubus is male. To suck such a creature may well recover and then can be quite long. One more thing. If you’re in a dream don’t respond to unfamiliar and not «opened», don’t admit to themselves, these creatures take on the appearance of famous people that you like. But! Look your loved ones they can not accept. Why? I also then tell.

All astral travelers and oneironaut, as well as those who have experience dreamers and practicing lucid dreams — all the «closed» sexually assaulted «them.» It’s not even a rule, and the law.

The dream machine in the dream

Car in a dream symbolizes our motivation. Ride it easily and quickly — a sign of the imminent implementation of plans, and quite successful. As the car is a personal vehicle is always a concern personally a dreamer. Personality. Decision-making. Management of the situation. Our ambitions, desires, preferences, motivations. In General, all aspects of human individuality that are «visible» to the world, other people with whom we meet, and which he exhibits, shows «coming to light».


Prophetic dreams and lucid dreaming. Project of oneironauts «Magickum»
Magickum. Prophetic dreams and lucid dreaming. Theory and practice. E-books:
Amazon | XinXii | Smashwords
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Our independence. Our personal space. Our «face» in society, as for many, this is especially important for men, their status is directly linked to the class car. The attitude of the dreamer to a particular car.

As the machine – a means of increased danger, in a dream he very often reflects our sense of danger.

A new car, if it is better or if the previous was not good (this aspect is relative), so if he’s good in this for you, then your social status will rise, a new passion, well-being in those aspects that are important to you, success and happiness. If a new car is worse than before, with any deficiencies, financial difficulties and significant change for the worse.

The red car in the dream, if in fact he is not warning against rash actions. With? beautiful new luxury car could mean on the side (for any of the partners), the red sports car — the risk, in which you will get a huge income, award, winning. Red not a car — the danger of overload, both physical and emotional. If any of these red cars have at least some flaws, each of the cases will be bad consequences.

The car is white — if your new and beautiful — you soon find great success. This may relate to new case, project, business will bring revenue and even popularity, especially if the car is new. If the machine white color is not anything — stress, shock, bad change, debt, scandals, proceedings.

Buy a car in a dream — if your new and beautiful — a well deserved profit, prosperity, well-being. Broken car — stress, illness, failure. If the body part is damaged, the deterioration of Affairs, problems with the work. If someone breaks your car — this man purposely will cause you a lot of trouble. Depending on the damage to judge the extent of the damage to you.

The car is black — if a new and beautiful — a very high level of status in society, usually related to the performance of public. It can be: position, high earnings, a certain degree of fame in any walk of life. Black car damaged or with defects, a disease of difficult circumstances that cannot be changed due to objective reasons. If a car was severely damaged, can also mean death.

Theft, hijacking, loss of a car in your life deliberately intervene to take possession of your achievements of a certain kind. This may relate to personal property, financial and business interests. And there is someone willing so to speak, to cross the line. So stay alert to your surroundings and be aware of everything you hold dear.

Gave the car — if beautiful and expensive — circumstances not dependent on you goes in your favor so that you will be able to change their habitual standard of living for the better. If a simple or flawed — someone will render you the feasible help to resolve everyday problems.

Wash the car — put in order the things that in actual fact you run!

Mechanical means, which in the dream, a sense of threat — usually a dream to the intervention, e.g., surgery. There may be options (real accident, so be careful). A burning car — to the disease, and transient. Be attentive to health!

If in the dream you are trying to crush the car, stalking or bump in life is an enemy, who will try to intentionally cause you harm. Most often, dreams it with the car pursuit, point to envious because of this they act against you. Else. By car you will be able to judge the status of a person. If the machine is too expensive you are persecuted, and the enemy will be authoritative, not a simple man. If the machine is easier, some of the simple environment. Well, if auto familiar to you, you can guess where «the wind blows».

If you dream you see that the car was for some reason in the water, the dream means that stop in business, some obstacles will knock you off track so that you will not be able to move on, to go about their business. It’s a strange phantasmagoria of the psyche, but nevertheless, the synthesis of the symbols of the machine and the water represents the stagnation in business due to emotional depression.

The accident, which you see relatives, people close to you, mean a crisis in their Affairs, sometimes of the disease. In these dreams we need to understand additional characters, and they certainly are: what kind of car was in the dream, the circumstances under which the accident happened, the accident and what followed. It is necessary to understand by using other symbols of the dream. In any case of an accident accidents do not mean real accidents on the roads. In their dreams they «see» differently.

A separate feature in these dreams are the scene of accidents, when children are present. If in the dream the car knocked down a child, often this means conflicts between the parents.

License plates in the dream often signify the date or period. See the value of the symbol Numbers in dreams»

See also accident, traffic accident, driver, traffic, fuel, wheels, mirrors, motor, passengers, brakes, tires, lights.

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