The book of dreams potatoes dream

Potatoes – for the Slavs – material prosperity, revenue, reward for works, so as always the potato crop was in the backyard, their gardens. And whoever managed this crop to grow and harvest, they knew that «winter» the whole family, and will be fed every. The meaning of the symbol is the same.

To clean, to wash the potatoes in a dream — often means «cash» earnings.

To collect, to dig, to dig up the potatoes — receipt of income from the business, which was invested in a lot of work. So in the dream, «visible» result of the efforts.


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Bagging — also what to do «stash» to profit, the opportunity to take care of the future with the money earned.

Big, big potatoes to decent incomes, good profits. Small or small — to the need.

A lot of potatoes, potato field, vegetable garden, — these are all symbols of great wealth and earned income. To see how it blooms, grows potatoes in a dream — just a sign of the future income from the work that is involved.

Raw potatoes sometimes means that you have completed your work and not receive income from the accumulated.

Rotten, spoiled in any way are potatoes in a dream, and lost, stolen, or taken, losses and damages.

Any dish from the potatoes, if you dream you felt or somehow realized that it is delicious, nourishing, — means material prosperity. Often the process of cooking: fried or boiled potatoes, which symbolizes the home the welfare, prosperity in the family.

To eat in the dream potatoes or dishes with it, — further investments in the case of its capital.

Vegetables in the dream is the result of your work, your actions in all areas related to work, training, desire to earn money and improve their financial well-being.

Unripe vegetables – haste, immaturity of solutions, lack of experience, lack of timeliness.

Ripe vegetables in the garden– the results obtained from (good, positive). This «reward for labor», the profit income, the improvement of material wealth.

You was raised in your mind, the thoughts, the actions, day by day, promoted the idea, was going to target. Now is the hour when you received the result — this is the symbol of the vegetables.

This is not the case, when something fell on my head» out of nowhere, like the payout, inheritance or treasure. It is the fruit of your efforts.

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