The book of dreams threshold dream

The threshold in the dream is a boundary, the distinction between the different States. Entering into a new relationship, a new state, new life. Generally associated with the transition between the inner and outer world, and also points to the periods of life into before and after. For example, if you dream that someone comes to the threshold – that means that this person comes into your life.

If he crosses the threshold and enters the house or another room, so will the new period of life with this man. Further, it is necessary to watch what the dream plot. Where it came in, acquaintance or unknown person and after. This may give you a hint about the further development of relations or events.

If stopped and stands on the threshold – the relationship will not continue to grow, although reached the climax. The same applies to the event – «beyond the threshold it will not work». If sleep is worrying with threatening factors, thresholds can be a barrier or protection against negative events.


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