The circle of Protection Tames the beast?

девушка и волк

Job is an aspect for a Circle of Protection. If you dream you will be able to meet the beast and look him in the eye, including the wolf, which you wanted to see, your enemy will lose strength. This rule of metallogenia that has consequences. In reality, your enemies or the situation in which the circumstances are against you will be on your side under the influence of objective circumstances. This does not mean that the enemy will become a friend or you reach out and make peace with him. This action in dreams produces its effects, when not to be meaningful confrontation you. To manifest it in reality may be different, someone lost the desire to attack someone is not up to you, but most often, things change in such a way that there is no desire to deal with the fact that will be useful to yourself.

The dream JOINT, refers to the practice of lucid dreams. Affirmation active in night 6, 7, 8 November 2015. Goal: to meet every animal, bird, mystical character (refers to the archetype of the unconscious) — to look into the eyes and soothe, subdue.

The installation will include a call key to affirmations — your actions.




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The circle of Protection Tames his beast.

Affirmation active at night … (watch for announcements in the BLOGS of Magicom or use the Calendar of Dreams)

A little refresh in memory…

Job is an aspect for a Circle of Protection. In the dream you must meet, see the beast, a reptile, a bird, a fish, — any being that has consciousness from the realm of the animal world of the Earth.

Your goal is interaction, and at any level and in any manifestation. The assignment is to take precedence, in the sense of energetic, psychological and mental superiority in a dream.



Comments to the forum article:

A message from Kate_Paperwings
Response to 06.11.2015 06:02
And I dream Claystone had inside make. Here, too, from all of this? ))

Well, today…the installation contained a challenge. Well, I called… boss (Deputy CEO). Anyway, she came to me, looks like work, and I was on the eve of the rigidly framed (in my life situation, albeit not as dire, but similar). But nothing says all quite friendly. And I think, to tell her about the setup or still pointless? Then she sits on the couch, I look her in the eye (very vaguely the idea that we should, but why, why — are weak. Sleep is almost not aware of like a dream yesterday with work, I was taken aback by the full, is only in my head).
So I do not know the right or not, but in the eyes (in the dream I was so determined to wait for her understanding). Then go about their business, and she calls one employee — it is not in place, the second — the same. And it seems to be in the direction of them: «girls, are you crazy? What poukhodila home? »
And then I tell her about the incident with the employee, which were out all day and only came to the closure, in the end, I did not have time and plus at the other options look bad in the eyes of the authorities. She takes note of. The dream is transferred to the landing, where a friend, some guys. Supposedly our company, ends the party, laughing and spending.
Next the room. There just two programmers, but I see only one. And I like a fly ( 🙂 ) or as a camera flying around as you can move the camera in the time of the interview. I guess I got in someone’s thoughts, he told me about his project. First, I do not see the monitor, I see only his face and upper torso. Basically was left for him. Facial features considered in some detail (surprisingly to myself). The guy strangers. Looked all the time at the monitor and said, it is clear that very passionate, but not fanatic, and if it were the business of his life. Then it allows you to look at the monitor and I see a very beautiful medieval castle, it is new, it touched some positive energy…
All this woke up.
Setting me to the beasts pulled, but I really all thoughts at work… hope the boss «tamed» — not hurt

A message from Kate5
Response to 06.11.2015 11:16
Good day :)) Continue notes for young naturalists 🙂
Today as never before slept soundly and comfortably.
Yesterday, before I went to sleep I had polamat and to overcome what caused the fears… And I did. Lyagla calm, slept sturdy, though, and only sleep can’t remember, might all remember and not necessary.
In the dream, I have another RPG…got to the room, stood in it waist-deep in water, then I was abruptly thrown into another space, where before the eyes of someone eyes. Look, don’t take my opinion, on the contrary whether the dog muzzle, lo Lee wolf. Small size, like in real life. Not having time to consider my opinion she was forced to hide or dissolve… it’s Funny, but it turned out she was sitting in a bucket. After my opinion it is animal nature to sit back (maybe just began to decrease in size) and as if dissolved. I was this little… somewhere drawn a stick in my hands …and I diligently took the stick inside the bucket start lupasit…
When this dog diminished and climbs back into the bucket, I clearly saw the outline of the bucket-it was a circle. This was a clear accent.

Good morning everyone! I didn’t get to meet the beast, I probably overreacted before going to sleep, been tuned, still bothered me the option to come across something unknown, a fantastic character and someone wrote about spiders, honestly, did not want to look into the eyes of the spider! Maybe you can choose some kind of animal in advance, or is it strictly only it itself should choose me? Yes, the upstairs neighbors decided to make «sounds of love»)) well, I can not sleep, and heard, so that some time was happy for the neighbors, they were so good)))
A normal dream was early in the morning, and then studying!!! At this time, courses of foreign languages) I go, I meets a young woman (it was Victoria, it’s 99.9%))) said that I was late and the lesson has already started, has led me to a long table on one side of the table sit 3-4 people, I understand students, on the other the teacher, a man, a fashion)) for this table of Italian language courses ( I was once long and seriously studied Italian))) I look back at the hall, there are a few more tables, people sit in groups, but they have some other languages) I sit on the far left, my neighbor to the right the girl with dark (but not black, probably copper-brown) hair, it seems to me vaguely familiar, and I still kept going, not studied whether we had together last time… I’m starting to understand that this is not another lesson, probably the introductory course to all gathered, met, on the table there are 2 or 3 cake already slightly polyadenine)) giving me another cake, it’s so beautiful, tall and airy, there are a lot of different edible decorations in the form of turrets, curlicues, roses, all from the souffle, glaze and cream, so excited about)) I see my neighbors so pointedly in my cake looked, they have some decorations already eaten))) I say, okay, take off my what you want, only one turret, I still take)) at other tables, too, by the way treats some was, I noticed that… well the teacher, meanwhile, tells something about the course, as we will learn, I asked him, and what level, if very elementary, I like as is not necessary, I know the language, so if in-depth, he says, no, standard, for so many hours… I’m starting to figure out, say, well, let me have a month with exercise, and it will be clear whether I should go or not, he agrees, then I ask where, he says, some dates, or days of the week, in General 2 days in a row on 13 and 14 hours of the day, I say, okay, while I’m not working, and this time for me… then in the hall runs a kind of the redheaded girl and asked, how to find the Department head, and I still think, wow, is it far from here to go, but some of the neighbors notice how beautiful the girl’s hair color, it really is very bright))
Before it was even a dream, don’t want to describe it, but dream of him, and I feel like I’m behind the scenes along the way, talk about it, someone from the group to Victoria, and another thought, now Lena Truffle all know, and I’m worried about her reaction(( Lena, whether you have any guidance for me? I know you don’t exactly hiding, you could have «catch signal»))))

A message from Th
Response to 06.11.2015 19:00
Truffle, do you have a decent image of the enemy, you are my dream and honor your Toucan you will enjoy:)))))
Vicki, yesterday you jokingly reproach you ahead of time the enemy arrived, and no eye contact, and she turned out to be the same!!!
Here, Light Phoenix, I have the same thing with the enemy as you did.
Story before bedtime. It is necessary for the dream to understand. Higher Power protect me through life and I, in most cases, I meet good, decent people. But there is an enemy in my life…and I see up there, it’s not my fault. Just teaches me a lesson like this. My only enemy for a long time – mother-in-law.
Two weeks ago, made the affirmation at get rid of the enemy. Wanted dust Sokrovische of my way to downplay. It worked. She had me in the form of a large red worm. A Python’s size. Then I was overcome and in the end sleep was pleased to round earthen pit with a pack of dismemberment of this worm. Killed not me. But was terribly pleased. Understood in the dream that peace-time will now be.
And now today’s dream. I’m in the woods. A wooden house. Around soundly plowed black earth. Somewhere in the distance a river, but I can’t see it. Know! Sitting on his knees on the ground and her hands furiously raking. Looking for the corpse of the worm, which is buried. In a hurry, you know, I have not much time and soon I can go to sleep. Oh! See, there was a fragment of the body …piece hand…elbow. (In this dream, the pieces of the body not worm, so human). Dig the ground further, looking for the head! Since it is necessary to the enemy in the eye to see!!! Remember, this task. But here comes my husband. I feet trying without attracting his attention, scatter the excavated fragment hands. But he noticed it and sat down on his haunches to consider. I read his mind and know he’s now the police will be called. I resent! Understand that the police did not do anything, but they can head early to find me and pick up, and I have a task to perform and in the eye to see. Realizing that failed, upset came voluntarily from a dream.
Turns out, like the Lights in Phoenix, I have two affirmations merged into one topic. I sit here now and think what to do?..


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