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Ukraine’s future forecasts and predictions, and quite a bit about Putin …

Of course, it is simply impossible to remain indifferent to the events that occur on the territory of Ukraine. Despite the fact that there was a real political revolution, issues remain more questions than answers. Ukraine expects that in the future, what is the prognosis? How long will the anarchy? Who will be the next president of Ukraine? What will happen on a national scale? How will it affect people? And many, many questions …

The future is now «seen». I think that many people actually its «feel», but can not «see.» What are the prophecies of the future of Ukraine? Next, a sample of the report group.


From the reports oneironauts

(Report June 15, 2014 — «closed»)

Further decoding only part of the report: in the near future active military deployment of the armed forces of Russia, mainly aircraft and vessels. Military build-up in the Black Sea.

(Report April 30, 2014 — «closed»)

Further decoding only part of the report: Russia will depart 36 different geographically separate entities. The time period of peak events — 6 months from the beginning of the revolution.

Will be war. Beginning of period — after the presidential elections in Ukraine.

(Report April 20, 2014)

Direct reference to the behavior of most people, as a reaction to what is happening. The astral plane. Fragments.

I see the house. Private, surrounded by a high fence. All along the fence dug in exploded tile, cleaned and dug the earth, so before making a moat around the towns or settlements. In the fence no lumen. It can be seen in some places that have been broken fragments, but the owner of all repaired and further strengthened. Lives with his family. No one gives out. All outside the home makes himself. Ethnic Ukrainian. Opened the gate, looked around, and allowed to enter. On its territory feels very confident. In fact, no fear, only if it is necessary to show jitters. He has a plan for further action and in my case — the goal. It offers products. Sells them to me. In the end it turns out that it goes from not only the production of products, but also their base. All the plants by the roots he resold. When I went and looked at the garden — the land was empty. Selling everything to make, he was left without food himself.

(Report 31.03.2014 year) — on affirmations «The Future of Ukraine»

Wall along the road. On a small hill. Reception area — rather deep astral. All dirty tones, colors — dirty gray and dirty beige. Information comes at the level of pure perception. On the way to the right direction is Putin. He has two images simultaneously. First, the one known by all, he is the one that all the «think they know.» Conducted on a leash. Second on all fours, but not face-down and face-up. At the same time manages to move forward, all the while looking at the first one. In addition, the second — with psychological disabilities, dependent. The anomaly in this time from the first. Lock energy is almost complete, influence — from the outside. No leg.

(Report February 27, 2014)

Reception area — casual plan. Information entered in one piece, without sequences. Request — the true cause of events in Ukraine. In the natural space of the Earth Ukraine (geographically) occupies a special place of power, manifested in ethnic mentality nationalities present karmic polar duality. Entity integrity manifested after transformations that follow the confrontation of opposites. There was an overabundance of negativity, mainly formed by the fall of moral human qualities. Thus goes purification.

(Report January 11, 2014)

Reception area — the mental plane. Time — about spring, but not late (early events) .Koleya railway. Can be seen at a great distance. Railway track only one (scenario with no options, predetermined), on the whole route — protecting metal structures. In the south-west part of moves. Train passenger. Comes at a very high speed. The entire structure was escorted by the military. As a rule, all are on the bandwagon (input — output). Accompanying all — officers. Ahead in the path of a huge ravine, it is filled with ice-cold, clean water. The train does not stop moving down into the ravine and completely under water. Reaching a low point can not overcome it, and stops by inertia gives back up. At this point, train cars start to collide with each other and maim. The train has not overcome the ravine, rolling back far back — stopped. A lot of the wounded, the majority of officers with damaged signs of distinction and fractures, mainly the spine. Body dumped in a heap, where in addition to the bodies many fragments of metal gratings — fences, which originally consisted of a barrage. Now it is destroyed. The train did not go further.

Everyone is asking, «What say astrologers, clairvoyants and psychics of Ukraine’s future, what is the future of Ukraine?» But, believe me, more than the people who are «inside» the event, no one knows. The main thing is to be able to obtain such information. After all, to «see» what was going through the easiest of people who are involved in the situation. And if you do have a connection with the events of the direct or indirect, that themselves and look into the future! Affirmation sleep «Prophetic dreams about the future of Ukraine»

Publications on the site «Magikum»

User Mila:

I want to contribute to the prediction of Ukraine. Not dreams. Meditation: The two questions asked for 10 days before the referendum in the Crimea. The first question was on the Crimea. It was a vision in the sky image of Our Lady as the icon «Cover», only in the hands of her was a large Russian flag, she was laying on the map of Crimea.
The second question was about the Ukraine, on the South-East, where had already been brewing protest movement, then the more peaceful demonstrations. There was May 2 May in Odessa, there was bombing. On the same day (March 5). Vision. Rises from the earth warrior in white plain clothes. At him from all sides crawling dark brown small snake or big worms. Crawling on it, climb higher and higher. Hero falls. George appears on a white horse, hits a spear into the ground and the earth splits. And then begin to rise out of the ground the new heroes in white. Them more and more, they grow dozens. And the next frame — snakes crawl fast fast, going away of the country on one piece of land, stand on their tails in growth, backs to each other and shaking. I regarded that war will rush fascists suppress knights in white on the South-East. BUT the will of God will divide Ukraine, and fascism is defeated and the whole territory of Ukraine in the future, brown driven into Galicia, from which it got out.


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Magickum. Prophetic dreams and lucid dreaming. Theory and practice. E-books:
Amazon | XinXii | Smashwords

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