The old signs. How to kill a bad dream?

I want to share what she had learned quite by accident ..
I told my mother, as she dreamed a dream yesterday is bad, she rolled over and have good dreams. I certainly did not understand what she meant, as it turned. «In a dream?» — I asked her. «No — he says — Dreaming of something bad, I wake up, roll over and go to sleep and dream is already good.» She’s knocked out of sleep, and then it falls, changing the projection. She says she is often supposedly stiff leg or side ill, so woke up and turned over.
Aw, Snap, and of the ability of the unconscious my mother 🙂 It is certainly not interested in affirmations, not that type of people. Maybe it has something of a generic matter, my grandmother, my mother says, prophetic dreams dreamed before «important» events. A mother before dying grandmother (Happy Birthday to himself) dreamed that she scored a basket full of honey agaric, thought guests would call for 80 years (just birthday) for cooking. Yes, and «guests» and cooking, but not birthday, and the funeral 🙁 really — to collect mushrooms or income or expenditure)

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