The sperm in dreams Female territory

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Hello, ***. Generally in the esoteric sperm itself transmits energy of a woman that had sex with a man media. Moreover, the «live» tadpoles in the woman’s uterus for up to 7 years, and when they begin to fade, much «bothering» a woman that finally clutching his vessel’s energy disconnect the bearer to the limit. It turns out that at this point the woman is just scrip goes the man, tadpoles which die. It is the energy level. Within a time cycle of 7 years, as there are times when a man receives the energy more than usual, for example, if he for his own reasons outflow (he gets it from a woman).


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It as an option for the physical aspect. For the subconscious — in fact, this desire intimacy, but more emphasis on sex itself, and not on the person. Just in this situation, thoughts go back more to it, so you «used» on the mental plane and satisfy their desires. Here (in this case — in this dream) you «used» to them, and not Vice versa. What, by the way I congratulate you. I just hate the injustice in terms of «intake» of energy from female to male. Not only that, they almost always satisfy their needs, women have this place is usually the most vulnerable, a lot of illnesses, childbirth, gestation, and we are in the worst social situation: everyone has something they should.

To fully answer you question, it is necessary to determine (and I did not understand, even though you may have set for themselves are not all agreed) : you need one in the future or maybe it’s «sampling» of pleasant emotions (not very pleasant events).
I realized that sometimes you subconsciously and consciously play some emotionally charged feelings — it fills human life with meaning, I mean love. But selectively, tossing negative points. A good way to promote and fill the inner world with them.

a word of advice, if you find it appropriate can use. If you are inside the «chafe» from thinking about it, do not skip this topic and give my thoughts in order, at least for the moment. Make the Castaneda recapitulation is a perfect technique, you will get rid of obsession and will be able to decide to go further or you leave only memories — as a useful, albeit heavy Luggage.

About introducing the boss of their interests — it was pleasant to me. Only you’re a little wrong doing. This technique is more complicated than that which we practice. I think we should create a page under the codes and try our narrow circle.

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