The stronger are feelings and the more haunting are thoughts…

The stronger are feelings and the more haunting are thoughts, the brighter are images in our dreams. What, putting it plainly, are the major contents of our inner world? Our own thoughts, ideas and feelings. That is why our consciousness is most active on planes where they are free to act on their own, restoring worlds and universes.

Yet, in the same way as our inner world is filled with information from nerve terminals, organs of sight, hearing and touch making direct connection between outer signals and inner perception, everyone has a feedback from inner world to the outer one. However, such data transmission has one unique trait.

You are unique, out-and-outer person, and you transmit such information using your own interpretation methods. So the form it takes depends solely on you.

To acquire information about yourself, which is located inside your own consciousness – in subconsciousness – is pretty real. And your dreams are the door with a key available to anyone who wants to use it. To turn it or not is your personal choice.


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