To see the eyes in the dream

If you are able to see the eyes of the man in the dream is «clean» information, but usually it freezes at the first sensation of such «chemicals» (in fact a very strong sense), but in General, if you realize this point yourself, you can be the person, which in the dream in his eyes, to ask any questions and know all. Even better to say — not ask, but mentally formulate. That’s just the speed of information transfer greatly increases at this point, it is difficult to maintain communication and flow.
But about you, I said, because previously, as you asked, I looked in her sleep on you. View your photo in Google, you are there to remove the top down, and I get all the time (already on the machine) from this angle you look, and in the astral too. If there was such a corner position in a dream, I mean. I have a habit in life, and as a result, in a dream. I carefully look in the eyes, if you talk with the person. Even if not immediately understand everything that I had, and then «inspect.» In any case, in communication here and there, I’m very discreet. Shouldn’t you have cause discomfort.


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And try to work out, to look the look of a man from a dream. Let the dreams there are any, on any affirmations (as you go on your schedule). This is an important element of the practice, if «take» of the human eye, can he their thoughts to share (you know what I mean?). DOP.the job, so to speak…

Hello! Advise how to discern whether affirmation.
Did affirmation the Look in his eyes, the question was directed at the man (if he wants to see me, does she remember me, we broke up ugly nekskolko years ago ). But I had a very strange dream: in my dream me «nailed» girl, age 8-10, really cute, with long brown hair gathered in a ponytail, and bright radiant blue-grey eyes (similar, but not the color that men). Here in these eyes girl I’m all sleep and watched . Just so happened that I admired her, I liked her, nice kid. The girl, obviously lost, left without parents, and I took care of her, she directly began some warm relationships, she felt my defense, and I thought of her as my child care. Her appearance was like the appearance of my children, absolutely unfamiliar face. We were in a big city, a bright warm summer day, went into some room, and remember next to a tall man in a suit. Identify failed, a second plan was, background. But constantly hanging out with us.
In General, there is no direct answer to your question in the dream I got . But such a pretty girl! Right woke up this morning with tenderness in my heart!
Affirmation does not work???
Thanks to everyone who helped.

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This girl — is your relationship with him. Look, in the dream of Magikoopa says:
…Other people’s children in dreams are often symbols that prototypes, which can symbolically reflect their native, that is, to characterize certain types of relationships their own way. For example, if you had a friend girl you know that she is the winner of the contest, and in your dream she’s friends with your grandson, we can say that now your child catch up in school. Or sturdy little girlfriend in dreams will be in your bed, while in reality you are at this moment is sick, sleep is to recovery.

I gave a very generalized examples, the options are great in number, but I think the General meaning is clear, and the analogy to understanding the dreams you will be able to apply.

If you dream you know that child is yours, though in life there is no such, then the dream indicates your (only!) business, project, undertaking. If you dream you know that child is yours and someone else’s (that is for men — and your women, and for women and your a man), the dream points to a connection or relationship with your partner.

In this dream everything that happens to a child, the reality will happen in a relationship…

the answer that you were looking at the girl — it is your feelings and his reaction girls on you, her behavior and attitude towards you. Everything on the sensations, it was possible of course and talk…but you were apparently not ready. To know in advance.

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