Today we can use two terms introduced and used by philosophers…

Today we can use two terms introduced and used by philosophers, physicists, theosophists and mystics. These are Akashi Records and earth energoinfromational field.

Both of them name the space filled with the energy of the fifth primary element aethyr. While the first four are present in the physical world and they are transformed in each other and change gradually, the fifth one being a quintessence of the first four is an eternal aethyr which never disappears as it is out of time and space boundaries. Today’s interpretation uses the term ethereal Space sphere.

It is this sphere that contains all records, all information. However the terms change overtime, it is what we mean from now on, to determine the notions we are talking about.

Then, as far as time is concerned. Our world has the fourth dimension which is time. No high plane has it. Sequence of events is possible, but not their distribution or location with regard of timeline. For example, all events in Akashi Records take place ‘here and now’. Virtually all regression witnesses who managed to go into subconsciousness testify about it, let alone mediums.


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