What prevents dream recollection?

What prevents dream recollection?

-Drug products. If you are taking medicines that exercise direct or side effect on the vessels or endocrine system, the sedatives or tranquilizers;

-Alcohol, drugs, psychotropic substances;

-Brain injuries;

-Endocrine and cerebrovascular disorders;

-Sleep and wake schedule doesn’t correspond to the circadian rhythm (night and day have switched their places);

-Fatigue, lack of energy, or stress;

-High temperature in the room where you sleep;

-recent studies have confirmed the effect of geomagnetic storms on the quality of dreams and recollection thereof. It is. On average, recollection of one’s dreams turns to be much better in the absence of geomagnetic disturbances;

-A late dinner, which makes the body work during the sleep and precludes body functions from switching to normal cycle of rest;

All of the above deviates from the state referred to as the normal conditions, which in this case are normal REM sleep and brain functioning during all the sleep cycles.

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