Why can we learn future?

All of us are people from the planet Earth, we ‘feel’ future and ‘know’ the past we don’t remember consciously. All of us are aware of genetic memory – a complex of patrimony reactions handed down through generations by genes, and archetypes – universal inborn psychological structures with the collective unconscious.

It means that a person is born with a ‘ready record’ containing certain information on the past he/she did not attend him(her)self, but where his/her great-grandmas, great-granddads and millions of unknown people were present.

And there are no mysteries or esotery in it as somehow scientists proved the fact and let all the others admit it. Thus, it is clear with the unknown known past: while a person learns the past of his ancestors by genetic memory, the collective unconscious lies in ethereal sphere.

Today we can use two terms introduced and used by philosophers, physicists, theosophists and mystics. These are Akashi Records and earth energoinfromational field.


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