Why is it sometimes impossible to separate…

So what’s the question? Why is it so difficult to find the meaning of one’s life, the reason to exist, one’s true calling? Why is it sometimes impossible to separate the truth from falsehood and the good — from bad?

Why are there times when we don/t know where to go and what to do?

Do we lack knowledge? Information? Understanding?

But every knowledge is within. The learning field of the planet exists hic et nunc. And the understanding is the voice of our soul, our heart.

What is the way to get in touch with it?

How to learn, to find a way to use our treasures?

Which are the boundaries the outside world established? Which ones we created ourselves?

If the existing reality was formed with stable three-dimensional world perception and the human powers are so comprehensive, then why should we lock out the memories?

Why should we first obtain information, accumulate the experience, learn the lessons, and then lose it all?


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