Dream interpretation keys

To dream of keys is the sign of the open secrets of the responses received to the questions. Have the clues — to find a way out of the situation. To anyone the keys – trusting the sincerity of the person.

To hold in your hands is the ability to do what you want. In the context of the dream to determine what it refers. For women to get the keys from the man – sincerity in the relationship, and recognition.

The keys to losing is to lose the opportunity to succeed, not to the desired. Find the key win, the achievement of a significant acquisition.

The key drops from your hands — loss, the situation got out of control. Try to change the projection of the future. To raise, collect keys luck, getting a rewards achievement.

For women and men the keys

as a symbol of the dreams are interpreted the same way. However, note that if in a dream plot a partner of the opposite sex, the key has a direct relationship to this partner, open feel and desire.

Comments to the forum article:

Sent 12.03.2015 in 01:43
Good day!
I see before me men’s hand (older than the one who sends) a great big silver vintage key to the young man. He takes the key and puts it in the closet and closes the door. All this is happening under my nose.
Please explain the dream.

Sent 17.03.2015 in 08:28 | reply Viki.
If that’s all the dream, you saw how one person helped another. The oldest one was a young man. Like the bond of family or kindred. Help for a young person was important and solved the problem almost vital importance.


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