Sonnik cat

Sonnik cat. Cats in dreams mean any illness and experiences, or such human traits and attitudes, as affection, attraction and intimate relationships.

Egif you saw in his dream of a beautiful fluffy cat, who clings to you how

-That is trying to touch it, the dream means that in reality, you have a fan or interested person that you desire to experience intimacy.

If in your dream you hold a cat in her arms, a dream means helping someone from the family. This is the case when in need of help and you do not have to deny it. If the cat is in the blood, sleep concerns someone from relatives.

But caress cat kissing, stroking in a dream means have your sense of strong affection for someone and a desire to get closer to that person. Play with the cat — flirt. Feed the cat — to reciprocate fan.

Generally, it is worth outset that cat — it’s image of a man or boy, and the cat — the woman or girl. In dreams you can almost always feel or right to know how the adult or young animal in front of you. The same can be said about the characteristics of the animal. For example, the color of the cat, the cat directly points to the «suit» person. Dark, light — brunette (brunette) or blond (blond, red man) in my life. This applies to cases where the animal represents a person. The same goes for the characteristics: big, fat, fat cat. As a man he represents: a big, tall, plump or rich, thick as in a dream that does not always coincide with reality, people represent the «weight» in the community, including those due to material prosperity.

Kitten — a type of child or minor problems (see the value of the symbol «Kitten»). Number of animals — this number of people. That is, two, three males — are two and respectively three individual. If cats or cats were simply a lot, so instruction was in a dream on the «strength» of the events.

If a lot of cats dreaming the dream means that you are around a lot of slander, envy, and it is sure to result in intrigue. As a rule, such dreams you feel alertness, fear or dislike of animals.

On the rare occasions when dreams funny and playful cats (a lot), and they look nice, dream means a society of fans, which you will soon find yourself.

Red cats can mean lascivious persons of the opposite sex.

Black cat often dream to bad luck. But there are times when a black cat in a dream represents the personal akkultnye or latent ability of the dreamer. And in this case, if the dream was pleasant to you, a cat — a symbol of protection.

Clean white fluffy cat — to the fan with sincere intentions, however, for it is very important to have physical contact with you.

Gray cats usually symbolize people envious, mendacious and especially unscrupulous. Even if a cat in a dream was beautiful and you like.

Sometimes dreams blue cats — a symbol of male-male. Women will understand what I mean.

Often, that dream green cats. This means it is a phantasmagoria and synthesis of characters. The dream means an inexperienced lover.

Tricolor cat — a symbol of protection and good luck. It is a sign of fortune.

Tabby — unbalanced person.

If your cat was sleeping in the house, then the situation will unfold in your home, family-related, or someone in the household. It will be understood by the very subject of the dream. All other places of visiting cats in dreams, are additional characters that indicate the area (relatively speaking) event action.

Shabby, wet, bedraggled cats in dreams symbolize the disease. If a cat you tsarapnet, bite, the disease can take a long time. The same as if in a dream you poderetsya with a cat.

Corrosive cats, evil — refers to a meeting with the thieves, people jealous and selfish. If only they have a chance, they will try to cheat you, cheat and steal.

Sick cats, dying, wounded — a good sign. Indicates the end of your misery, disease naturally. If in your dream you kill a cat, sleep predicts that with the problems you’ll soon figure it out, and quite successfully.

But to have a cat — not a very good character. Since it indicates that you yourself will cause future problems. Around the same means, if you are in a dream looking for the cat. It’s like looking at yourself … «head» adventure. The difference between these symbols only what efforts you have made and for how long. This dream does not fall under the above definition in cases where the dreamer is really missing cat.

Find, meet, catch the cat — the new love of adventure. Save the cat — to be led by a whim.

Wild cat — a man with an unbridled temper, uncontrolled emotions, and can also mean a bachelor. Housecat — a married man. A cat with kittens often means a man and his children.

If you dream cat bites, attacks, sleep indicates conflicts, slander, libel and experiences.

If the cat shat — meanness from a man in your environment. If you dream cat mark territory, a dream for women promises scandal and clarify the relationship because of the links on the side, and the men points to the seduction of the second half. If the cat has urinated in his sleep, wait for the scandal.

Kill, strangle, drown a cat in a dream means recovery (most importantly!) And getting rid of a lot of trouble. Here, the only difference is how you cope with your problems (proactive, aggressive defense, passive acceptance — ignore). The main thing is that you have already seen it in a dream, it means in reality soon all will appear. At first, everything happens in the mental world, and then in life.

Dead, dead cat — the end of a bad period. Which he touched, will be seen on the additional symbols of sleep, they will be. Sometimes the dream means that the end of the relationship between lovers. Or you will lose to someone affection.

If you are in a dream gave the cat — wait a trick on the part of the inner circle. Roughly, it would look like this: something will help you or offer, allegedly for your benefit, however, it then will turn against you.

Fighting cats mean that your enemies will quarrel, and to you it will come in handy. Cat and dog, who fight in a dream means that you will have a patron and you in any way to help cope with the problem.

If in your dream you will see how the cat catches mice, caught a mouse or mouse eats, sleep means that your enemies, there is something that will distract your enemies away from you. It will be that they will deal with their small and unpleasant problem.

If you dream cat zagryzet rat, your enemy will be destroyed by proxy.

Talking cat in a dream, like any other animal, is intuitive foresight or intuition. In his words, once you have chatted, should be meaningful to you, such as instructions or tips. Possibly in the form of an allegory.

If a cat’s tail fell off in a dream, it means adventure «on the side» will do without consequences.

If you dream cat eats fish, it means that you have a fan that looks including your wealth.

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Magickum. Prophetic dreams and lucid dreaming. Theory and practice. E-books:
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