The history of the actual illness and recovery — dreams come true…

исполнение желаний


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The history of the actual illness and recovery — dreams come true….. Six months ago, had a dream: I see my girlfriend who does damage to me, she angry at me and her evil sister and mother.

I stand by the sink, it is dirty and old and spit blood there, and in my head the words: disease, illness, disease. Then I did not want to believe it, and it is difficult to believe that people close to you can do these things, the time is shown, and set into place. Now, she’s not my girlfriend.

Three weeks ago, a dream: I was in the park go across the bridge over the river. I went to the pond, it is all tightened with duckweed, mud, water, old, musty.

I find myself above the water, and all indicators should fall into the water, really do not want to fall. I stop and hang at a distance of a millimeter from the slime and duckweed, weigh so long, and then take off and fly over the water and land on the opposite shore of the pond.

Near the pond, and there are people shouting in surprise: it can not be! See how it flies! I dream very glad that did not fall into the swamp.

The next day I found out at the tumor in the chest with a diameter of 1.5-2 cm, it is very ill and sick and then continuously for two weeks. But I already knew where it came from (a friend who was doing damage) so I did not panic and made the affirmation healing and cleansing salt.

A week later, a dream: this friend again, she rolled up the stuffing with rice the size of a soccer ball, put it in a microwave oven to roast, then he took out and gave me.

I took it and began to eat, but I bit off a piece of round 1.5-2 cm in size and it was a piece of raw, red meat (ground beef with rice all this breast, and a piece of raw meat -opuhol).

At this point my doubts that are still present (which can be a friend is not involved) have vanished completely.

In affirmation healing, I still expressed the intention to get rid of the tumor and dreamed the following items: I’m in an ancient forest, the forest is high, 30 meters in height. I stole.

I ran away and fly through the forest first and then run. For me, being chased by three men.

They shot me with arrows from bows. And then I take off and fly out of the woods into the sky and see the two arrows fly for me, I take off even higher, trying to dodge them and see how they first hung in the air, I dodged them, and they fell back into the forest.

Then I quietly landed on the ground, I have in each hand an apple, red, ripe, beautiful. I’m starting to have one, it is juicy and delicious.
Two weeks later, the tumor had disappeared as if it never happened.


Magickum. Prophetic dreams and lucid dreaming. Theory and practice. E-books: Amazon | XinXii | Smashwords
Amazon |

Magickum. Prophetic dreams and lucid dreaming. Theory and practice. E-books:
Amazon | XinXii | Smashwords
Amazon |

It is a place where the dreams and magic are entwined and the altered state of consciousness opens the door to another reality.

«Magickum» project of oneironauts.

You will be able to discover the sacred knowledge, travel through times in dreams, enter the dreams of others, heal yourself, find a way out of difficult situations. Receive intuitive clues to solve the problems of life and many, many other… The book includes real-life stories and mystical experiences, records of regressions and reports of oneironauts.

Magiсkum Crossroads of the Worlds Part 1. E-books:
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This book is based on the hypnosis sessions data.

Actual data. Quite mysteriously, the archive of a self-taught hypnotist from the seventies of the previous century passed into the hands of my friend, a certi-fied therapist who applies the progressive hypnosis techniques.

And even more surprising was that the twenty-five years old records were kept for more than eight years, whereas it was relatively recently that the past life regressions were conducted in our country.

The archive was delivered by the girl who found it in the apartment she’d inherited.

It was appended with a detailed note concluded with the words, «The one, who will come across this archive, should continue the regression from the point where I stopped…»

Over a period of four years, more than seventy immersions into the past lives and the lives between lives were conducted.

The results were dazzling. With the permission of the so called «inheritance client», all the session records, including the archive, were transferred to me.

I have to say the things that happen in the people’s earthly lives are bigger than mysticism and cooler than esoterics. Every step we take is written in the Great Book, every decision is a choice to make, and every event is a case model. When the opportunity arises to de tank and get the 50,000 foot view of the life, one can’t help but agree with E. Cayce, who said,

“Humans are cosmic beings. A lifetime is a brief interlude of learning in an eternal pilgrimage through time and space… “

I wrote this book with the natural artistic imagination, having introduced the characters who belong in the earthly reality. As for the implication of events described in the archive, — well – its value will be shown.

Автор: Виктория Соколова


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