Vanga predictions, Messing, Casey and Nostradamus

Wang …

Vanga predictions, Messing, Casey and Nostradamus. In the last days of his life Bulgarian clairvoyant made ​​the most interesting statements about Ukraine and Russia.

For example, she said about the international role of Ukraine, «she (Ukraine) will be chief among the five countries. Perhaps it refers to the GUUAM (Union of Georgia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Moldova). But, as you can, you know — maybe. Quotes from the Prophets always vague because it is impossible to specify what he saw. Even if the future can be seen, it must be interpreted in words, but it is not always possible for various reasons.

Pro-life people, ordinary citizens Wang said that «After many difficulties people will heal very well, and for Ukraine will come a wonderful time.»

She also prophesied good, and Russia, and said that the woman will give birth to strong and healthy children, and they, in turn, will change the history and destiny of Russia.

As for the third world war, the Bulgarian Cassandra at the time predicted that it will not. Puts it like this: «separate centers will be, but all at once they will not be affected»

She also said that «Kiev Apocalypse will not.» And «all overcome, there is no war and never will. Everything will be fine … »

What can I say? All the prophecies can be interpreted in different ways, but still … What is this if not a war? And dismantled stone by stone, burning black smoke bloody Maidan for many people was a real Apocalypse.

As for her prophecies regarding 2014, then none of its predictions have not mentioned what happened in Ukraine. At least for 2014, there are only predictions about the disease. «A lot of people will be covered with ulcers, hurt skin cancer and other skin diseases due to chemical warfare.» That’s all. According to its forecasts (her next date predictions) by 2016 Europe will be deserted in the aftermath of a natural disaster — namely, flood, flooding.

  Casey …

Specifically about Ukraine or any other event directly or indirectly relating to these events in Ukraine, Casey in the readings found. Some people believe that with the events of the Maidan in 2014 to start a chain reaction that can run the flywheel third world war. Like Wang, Casey did not confirm the assumption that World War III could happen. Most of all, his prophecies have been associated with the onset of global warming, and as a consequence of a multitude of natural disasters, climatic and seismic disasters will affect the entire planet and change the geography of the continent, many of the city disappear.

As for Russia, and Casey has been linked with the future of the world. Here are excerpts from his readings:

«Hope comes to the world of Russia. Not from the Communists, not the Bolsheviks, and liberated from Russia! It will be years before that happens. New religious development of Russia will give the world the last hope. »

«The mission of the Slavic peoples of Russia is a radical change in the essence of human relationships. From the East comes the release from selfishness and gross material passions. Relations between nations will be restored on a new basis: confidence and wisdom. »

  Messing and Nostradamus

It’s no secret that Nostradamus «scrambled» all their vision of the future in the quatrains. While it is certainly possible to say that the encryption predictions — it is not a fact, it is possible that it was difficult to interpret their vision due to the lack of words and phrases to describe. After all, no city and country names or characteristics of the systems, forms of government, diseases, objects, things, and more, to which he was able to «look» of the past did not exist. Could only be expressed allegorically and figuratively.

Most likely, in the quatrains encrypted or secret knowledge, designed for the elite, and acceptable symbols and imagery inherent in his time.

Quatrains, which can be attributed to the description of the events relating to Ukraine, the following: «… be done in October so great revolution would think if the force of Earth’s gravity has lost its natural direction, and she plunged in permanent darkness, it will be preceded by a spring event, and then there will be an extraordinary change, a change of reigns, big riots, reproduction New Babylon … and it will be over seventy-three years and seven months.

«New Babylon Nostradamus called the Soviet Union. Seventy-three years and seven months of its existence is considered a runaway by the Bolsheviks of the Russian Constituent Assembly before the August 1991 coup and the public release of the republics of the Union.

Here is a description of the present time: «Countries, cities and villages, and the provinces of the kingdom will go from his last journey to become loose, fall deeper into slavery, and would secretly not satisfied with each other.» Continued quotes: «… and then sprout land that has long been fruitless; From the 50th degree (which is the latitude of Kiev), and will update the entire Christian Church. And it will set the great world, the union and harmony … «.. That is, it is from the Ukraine will update the Christian religion, a new world order and international relations.

However, before the great peace, union and harmony will be many times the ordeal.

As for the Wolf Messing, he believed, was just convinced that people do not need to know their future, and the question: «what will happen?» could not help it, he said: «Never, do not ask anyone about it! And no one ever! A person does not need to know the future. Such knowledge can be fatal. »

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