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Animals in a dream meaning, spiritual meaning of animals in dreams

Animals in a dream meaning, spiritual meaning of animals in dreams

What does animals in a dream mean, spiritual meaning of animals

Animals in a dream meaning: Animals, reptiles in dreams usually symbolize the character of a person, or his reaction and actions in certain situations or circumstances. When the «animal nature» manifests itself.

Any large animal also means a person who is «big», significant, or endowed with power, status, influence. Strong, in some cases «powerful» in his social environment.

Small animals are more likely to indicate behavior, a way of behaving, a way of acting, solving issues, reacting in certain circumstances.

In a positive aspect, any animal in a dream will be perceived without fear. The stronger and more beautiful the animal, the better the meaning of such a dream for you. It can be help, patronage, love, intimacy, a desire to contact, in the case of some animals — an indication of prosperity, profit. For strength, efficiency, endurance.

In the negative, there will be a sense of threat, danger, or just disgust (such as from skunks).

If you dream about attacked animal, wild animal

If in your dream an animal attacked you and was able to defeat you or inflict wounds, mutilation, harm on you. In reality, you will find yourself in a situation in which you will lose in some kind of «fight» or because you met the «wrong person» on your way. You will be «attacked» in the same way and you will find yourself in a difficult situation. Meeting the enemy will have consequences for you (see the «wounds» symbol separately). Fear, threat, unpleasant sensations from the presence of animals in a dream, as a factor, exacerbate the negativity of events in reality and warn of danger.

It is necessary to distinguish between domestic and wild animals. Since pets are beneficial, their characteristics are the same. By their presence and appearance in a dream, you can understand what the financial situation in the family is. Is everything all right? Dogs and cats are usually your loved ones or those who are part of your family, a close circle of friends.

Wild animals are strangers. The more dangerous they are in reality, the more dangerous they are to you as prototypes of real people. If you are not afraid of them in a dream, these people are on your side in life. And they will respect your interests. If they are dangerous, then you need to be vigilant and careful.

The characteristic of the «kind of animal», color, size — can be repeated in anything and in life. Males and male animals are men, young people, old people, boys in life. Females are women, girls, girls.

If there was a concept about the age of an animal: old, young — a person will be about the same age.

Sometimes the «color» of an animal can match the color of a person’s hair. And the size, appearance, habits — by association resemble the person being characterized.

Dangerous animal, dream about being killed by animal or dead animals

Defeating a dangerous animal in a dream means that you will be able to emerge victorious from a certain «fight». Because if this animal was aggressive, attacked you, or there was a threat in some way and you were afraid, defeating it will be exactly the same victory and a way out of a difficult situation. In which you can find yourself in reality.

The second option. This is if you have killed or defeated a dangerous animal that was not aggressive towards you. Such dreams indicate that you will be able to «profit at someone else’s expense.» Take the «trophies» for yourself.

If a peaceful and harmless animal is killed in a dream, the dream may be a harbinger of an accident with someone close or friends.

Herds of animals are a symbol of success in business, since a large amount of something (useful) raises certain circumstances to the degree of exaggeration. As well as the situation, the prototype of which is the animals of the herd in your dream.

Let’s say if you see in a dream a herd of animals that in life bring a person some kind of income, prosperity, food. Such a dream means that the dreamer (the dream character) is waiting for well-being and prosperity. This is often an indication of finances.

If you see a herd of angry animals, a dream may indicate problems. On the verge of mass unrest or negative social changes. Depending on the location of these animals, it is possible to understand which sphere of life the event concerns.

If you feed an animal in your sleep.

Sleep means that you are «feeding» your future well-being. You break into it. Next, you need to take into account the specific symbol of the animal.

Talking animals in a dream are harbingers of extraordinary life changes. In such dreams, it is necessary to take into account the voice, mood, type of animal and of course what it was talking about. Most likely it will be an allegory, or a symbolic description of an event, an indication or an omen. Often these are some kind of hints, inspiration, insights. Take this as a hint for the future.

The same thing is meant by strange unusual magical animals in dreams. By their appearance, your own perception and feeling of such animals, you can judge the upcoming event and its characteristics.

If the animal is sacred or magical, in the same way, the event that will happen soon will be so unusual for you that it will seem like a fairy tale, mysticism or magic.

Trying to calm, repair, bet animal in a dream

If you are trying to calm an agitated animal, pet it, or feed it, in reality you will face a situation where you will have to resolve difficult issues under unforeseen circumstances. You will not know how to behave and what consequences your actions will cause.

To repair, tame, saddle an animal means, in a sense, to subjugate a person.

However, if you pet or pet pets, soon your life will become calm and you will feel peace and well-being. But it will concern your relationship with some person.

The color of animals is also important in interpreting dreams.

For example, a black animal may indicate a hidden power, and if such an animal behaves aggressively, this is a bad sign.

White animals are a sign of good luck, fortune. Often loved ones, lovers, future husbands, spouses come in dreams like white animals. It is also a symbol of calmness and good circumstances, good spirits, purity, well-being, trust, joy.

There are two colors at the same time: black and white on animals… Indicates that there will be positive and negative circumstances in the situation. Which color will be more, that characteristic will prevail.

If an animal that you like in a dream is coming towards you, then luck is coming towards you. If a bad, aggressive animal is rushing at you, or is coming, it is coming… Similarly, negative events will soon follow.

By analogy, it is necessary to interpret dreams about departing or fleeing animals.

A red-haired animal very often means friends or lovers.

Shiny, sparkling, sparkling animals indicate unusual and mysterious incidents, meetings with important people. Sometimes people’s abilities and talents are so visible. Of course, in such a dream, you need to take into account the color, brightness and your own feelings about this color.

The roar of animals in a dream can portend unpleasant news.

A victory cry is a sign of imminent success in some business.

Predator in a dream means an aspect of human nature, which manifests itself in the desire to take by force, subjugate, appropriate, take away.

Predators almost always cause fear in dreams, even if they don’t attack. If only fear was present in the dream, such a dream indicates your sense of danger or prejudice. Sometimes intuition.

If in your dream a predator, whatever animal it is, attacked you, the dream indicates an enemy strong and powerful. Everything is relative, but nevertheless.

And if you have a wound left, you have been maimed by a predator, be careful in your actions, words and deeds. It would be better if you did not join the fight now, because the chances are zero. Anyway, postpone the action for later.

A hare in a dream means fear, cowardice, sometimes stupidity and credulity. And it can also indicate a situation of deception due to excessive credulity.

If a beautiful white hare runs away from you in your dream, the dream may indicate that you are missing your chance, luck is slipping away from you.

Tigers in dreams symbolize the character traits of strong, strong-willed and confident individuals. Usually, tigers are prototypes of men with whom there will be a connection. Unless, of course, in your dream they came to you, were not aggressive, wanted contact. An angry tiger is a person who will be dangerous to you.

Dead animals, birds and insects are dreamed of in two cases. In the first case, if they were a threat and they were killed or in some other way they were «calmed down» and stopped — a dream to release from danger. The second case was when they were «good» animals or birds, fish.

A dream in which they dreamed of being dead (and the fish sleeping) means that wishes will not come true, and plans will not come true. Sometimes dreams about the death of good animals mean a threat to people’s lives (they are the prototypes of animals).

The fox is the prototype of a cunning woman, often mercantile and deceitful. If the fox was «tame» in the dream and you were not afraid of it, it could be your aspect or someone from your environment. But not dangerous for you.

A boar is essentially a wild pig. In dreams, pigs mean people from your inner circle who will behave «like pigs» or even «like real pigs.» For our subconscious mind, this is a very good image to convey information about a person’s act in a dream.

Pigs are pets, so they often point to those people who are related to your family in some way. Or just join your social circle. Sometimes family members and relatives can dream this way if they behave appropriately in a certain situation. And a boar is an outsider, almost a stranger.

In dreams, pigs mean people from your inner circle who will behave «like pigs» or even «like real pigs.» For our subconscious mind, this is a very good image to convey information about a person’s act in a dream.

In dreams, a lion means a person with authority, sometimes it is a person with similar facial features or appearance. And sometimes it is an indication of a person who was born under the constellation Leo and has the zodiac sign Leo in his horoscope.

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