Dream about an ex, spiritual meaning of ex in a dream

Dream about an ex, spiritual meaning of ex in a dream

What does it mean if you had a dream about an ex in a dream, the meaning of ex in dreams

Dreams about exes can be deciphered in two main ways. Moreover, it does not matter who exactly these «exes» are. Loved ones, spouses, friends, colleagues, neighbors, partners — yes, everything! A characteristic is an explanation for such dream symbols.

The first is that the information in the dream concerns these «exes». The second is that there will be some kind of repetition of the situation, behavior, events that happened in the past with these exes.

So, the first option. Most often, a dream about an ex (ex), with whom you recently broke up and can still meet, «shows» information about this person’s life. Or future events that concern both of you. This is determined by the plot of the dream.

If at the time of such a dream you are emotionally attached to a person, you will have a whole series of dreams about him. Right now, your entire focus is easily set on this person. This is what plays a role in obtaining information in dreams. The better the focus of attention, the easier it is to get information in a dream. Moreover, any one. About the past, about the present and about possible projections of the future.

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The second option. Exes you don’t talk to. They are elements of your memory of past events. Each of these exes makes you associate with a certain situation in your life in the past. They seem to have a «label», a marker, a label. And your subconscious mind uses it to show the essence of a recurring event.

What each of these exes of yours did will happen again in some way. But now their role will be played by people in the present (or the near future).

How to react to such information in a dream?

Of course, these are personal memory elements for you. You know them and only you can understand them. But there are still general characteristics. And in addition to the above (about associations with these people and their actions), there are also emotions. If a person was unpleasant to you, you can also expect someone to do things that will not please you. And vice versa.

For example (there are also enough examples in the database of dreams come true): first love can be a dream for many years. And every time before a person falls in love with someone again (if the memories of her were pleasant). A traitorous girlfriend will appear in dreams whenever one of the «girlfriends», but already in the present, does the same. And then by analogy. So, here you should take into account your own perception and memories of a person.

Now a few deciphers of the sets of symbols:

Running away from an ex (lover) means that you are afraid of disappointments in love and relationships.

If you had a dream about ex that dead

Died, you see their wake or funeral, dream of «forgetting» your feelings and relationships to this person or his prototype. This means that the past is now actually in the past. And not just in your memories, but also in your feelings. It won’t bother you anymore, it won’t touch you, and it won’t bother you.

If you dream about an ex that drunk, the dream means that he is in a strong emotional shock. The reason must be determined by the plot of the dream. Usually in such dreams there are always accompanying symbols — hints.

The ex gives you money, the dream may mean that he will pay you off for the insults inflicted one way or another. And if it’s a small thing, a dream to his tears (worries). A large sum will symbolize a worthy «reward» for all your grievances and worries.

The ex got married, the dream led to big changes in his life. By the wedding and the appearance of the groom, you can judge what these changes will be.

Appeared, arrived, came, called the ex- to the news about him, some news about his life. Any phone calls from him are a symbol of his desire to communicate or convey information about himself.

The ex lovers often (or constantly) they dream in cases where you remember them yourself. If not, then they are thinking about you and remembering you. In the mental world of dreams, a person’s thoughts manifest themselves with special force and are «visible» to the other side (the second person). Especially if he is susceptible.

The boss, the director from your past in a dream

most often means a similar situation in the current service. This may relate to your interests related to your previous job in one way or another.

The former returned in a dream. This is a sign that a person remembers your relationship with nostalgia. The second option is to repeat some similar aspects of a previous life. By your reaction to what is happening in your dream, you will be able to determine whether you will like such a «repetition».

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