Hands in a dream interpretation, what does it mean to dream hands

Hands in a dream interpretation, what does it mean to dream hands

If there is an emphasis on hands and their condition in a dream,

In most cases the information will be about finances, money, opportunities, acquisitions, as well as alliances.

To dream of beautiful, well-groomed or strong hands is a sign of well-being and stability.
Admiring your hands leads to confidence and prosperity.

Own hand (palm) in a dream, it symbolizes its destiny.
Someone else’s hand (palm) — someone else’s fate. This applies especially to dreams in which they see the palm itself, examine it or distinguish lines and signs on it. In such dreams, the dreamer intuitively or subconsciously perceives the information himself. And immediately realizes, at least in general terms, what exactly is destined.

The right hand means events of the present, past tense, if it had consequences for current events. And it can also symbolize the males of the genus. Or relationships with men (marriage, male children).

The left hand indicates possible events in the future or symbolically points to women in the family.

Big hands are a sign of the realization of your plans, achievements, and opportunities. That is, the bigger the hands, the more they can take or receive.

Many hands in a dream indicate unprecedented possibilities. As a rule, they relate to material prosperity, earnings, and profits. Often, this symbolism is synchronized with some of the numerous abilities of a person (when he can «take» something from different sources)

The hands of a man in a dream are for protection, care and protection.

Small hands are limitations.

Children’s hands — to help someone.

Long arms lead to great opportunities and the realization of your plans (may indicate a person’s connections).

Hairy hands — for money and profit.

Money in your hands — to prosperity.

Holding hands — joint achievements, joint projects, alliances, alliances.

To take your hand or give it, to extend your hand — support and help in difficult times.

Shake hands in a dream — to a new business cooperation, union or alliance. It matters who shakes hands with whom.

Holding hands together is a complete trust in a relationship.

Washing in a dream with your hands is an aid in getting rid of troubles and problems. Sometimes it can indicate a person’s healing abilities.

Kissing hands in a dream

A man kisses a woman’s hands in a dream… Such a dream means that this man is ready to admit his feelings. If he kisses «for show» — his feelings are either not sincere, or he wants to demonstrate his attitude to everyone (it is necessary to take into account emotions in a dream). If a woman kisses a man’s hands in a dream, that woman worships the man. Her love is on the verge of servility.

Stroking your hands and feeling the delicate skin is a sign of calm, satisfaction and pleasure. Tenderness in a relationship (if it is the hands of a loved one).

To carry in your arms is care and patronage, sincere love, respect. A child in her arms is a symbol of care. If the child is known to you, this dream refers directly to him. And if an unknown child, the dream indicates a case or relationship where care will also be shown to those who have a child in their arms. (Child: boy or girl — see separately in the dream book).

A bite in the arm most often indicates material problems. And the wound on his arm is a sign of significant material losses.

Bites of animals, birds or reptiles in the hand or by the hand are a sign that your plans may be disrupted by enemies, rivals, detractors and competitors.

A broken arm in a dream

or a broken arm or hand leads to the loss of a source of funding, earnings.

A severed hand, cut off, torn off is a sign of the possible loss of relatives or friends.

Tattoos on your hands are a symbol of a certain «trace» in your life that still affects you. To decipher such a dream, you need to understand the meaning of the tattoo itself, or rather, the sign. It is also necessary to take into account the part of the body on which you saw it in a dream.

Hands are also a symbol of what you can take or give. This is the general meaning. And all the positive characteristics in such a dream will mean opportunities and success. And the negative ones are the failure of plans, disappointment and loss of money.

Black hands are a symbol of crimes, as a rule, against humanity.

A dead hand means the collapse of plans, the breakdown of relationships.

A sore arm is incapacitation in a sense (in relation to certain events, actions, decisions).

In a dream, where the hands are covered in blood

— actions against relatives. According to the plot of the dream itself, you must determine for yourself exactly what these actions relate to. This is not necessarily a bad symbol of events. It’s just that first of all it indicates a connection with blood people and events happening to them.

If your hands are covered in someone else’s blood, then sleep means your actions against the interests of other people. Moreover, you were able to harm them «fatally». That is, they have lost a lot.

Veins on the arms in a dream

Veins on the hands are a symbol of active actions or, conversely, inaction. But, there is one important aspect — veins indicate the individual capabilities of the person you see them in. So, bright, full of blood is a sign of great opportunities. Blue, weak — to the impotence of man.

A dream in which your hands are dirty or dirty leads to shame and business failures. Someone else’s dirty hands are a warning sign. You have envious people and detractors.

Clean hands — to success in your plans.

In the shit, hands are a warning sign against rash actions. In the near future, you need to refrain from adventures and risky ventures.

To feel warm hands is to care and love.

Cold hands are a sign of indifference and detachment.

Waving your hand is a desire to attract attention right in your sleep. Often such dreams transfer dreamers to the active phase. After that, they remember the dream well. This technique is used by oneironauts to «seal» the dream body. It is also used to focus attention in lucid dreams.

To give up on something or someone… To withdraw from a business or a person, unwillingness to fulfill obligations or work.

Warts on the hands, blisters or rashes, pimples… To disappointment and a feeling of powerlessness in some circumstances.

A splinter in the hand is a sign of obstacles from other people.

The glass in your hand is a symbol of danger on the way to realizing your plans. After such a dream, you may not expect to fulfill a wish or achieve a goal.

A needle in your hand leads to obstacles in business. It would be nice to pull the needle out of your hand right in your sleep.

Guessing in a dream by hand is an attempt to «guess» future events.

Any weapon in your hands: knives, pistols, axes, guns… A sign of aggression or protection, depending on the context of the dream. See the symbols separately.

Any animals on their hands indicate feelings of love and affection. The desire for intimacy with those whom they personify in a dream (a person, a relationship).

Reptiles in the hands mean control over fears, diseases… This refers to psychosomatic disorders and diseases caused by them. Also, victory over enemies, if in your dream you are holding a dangerous or poisonous reptile in your hands.

Birds in their hands often dream of news, news. Their cause will be the person in whose hands the bird is. Sometimes such dreams mean fulfillment of desires. It depends on the type of bird itself. So, also look at the symbols of birds — this plays a role in decoding.

Handcuffs, chains, or tied hands are a symbol of limitations and someone else’s will over you.

If the skin peels off your hands in a dream, the dream foreshadows ruin.

If a marriage proposal is made in a dream, sleep means new plans for the future, often radically changing the present.

The idiom «To sit idly by» in a dream means disastrous procrastination.

Washing your hands is to get rid of someone or something with pleasure and on your own initiative.

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